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Infinity install in Stirling failed. Exchange to house infinity service is not working yet


I just recently moved to Stirling.  I received a phonecall 10 days or so ago informing me that Infinity is available on the exchange (I am currently a BT BB customer).  I did have an engineer install booked for 25/10, but it was rescheduled for today.

The engineer has come and gone without being able to complete the Infinity install :-(.  No complaints about the engineer at all, he was very helpful and informative.  He has confirmed that the interface between the exchange and the line is not working yet.  He also commented that I was the 4th or 5th failed install for the Stirling area.  As of writing this, I do not believe a successful install has been completed anywhere on the exchange.  It seems to me that they are sending engineer visits out to houses without the confidence that they can connect end to end. 


Got a call from visit booking not long after.  Explained the situation and said he would call me back.  I missed the return call (at work)  and then received a text to say that they are coming back on the 10th Nov.  Not sure that the whole issue is being sent back to 'HQ'.  What's to stop another engineer turning up, assessing the line, failing the install and saying it is an issue with the line? 


Not happy at all with BT - selling on products that the can't yet service properly.

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