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Infinity installation - master socket location - help please

Familiar problem with a slight twist and grateful for any help...


- My Infinity 2 installation is booked for 10 days from now.

- Master socket in hallway, inconvenient location for HH5, etc

- Possibility of data extension kit to get to first floor study at front of house.  Still not ideal.

- To the rear of the first floor (preferred location for HH5), the previous owners have installed an unused cat5e cable run which is unterminated behind a blank Triax faceplate.

- The other end of the cat5e run is unterminated in the garage.


If the engineer is willing, could I get them to run the data extension kit as far as the garage and use an inline cat5 IDC junction box to connect to the existing cable run?


Would such an inline coupling be seriously detrimental to the incoming signal?


I would also have to purchase the relevant module for the Triax faceplate, rather than using the new socket box with the data extension kit, but could obviously do so before the engineer arrives.


Any thoughts gratefully received.

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Re: Infinity installation - master socket location - help please

Recommended max line length for the data extention is 30mts. Can you not change the Cat5e run to terminate at the master socket rather than the garage then use that as the data extention link, the engineer would then supply the necessary faceplates etc?

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Re: Infinity installation - master socket location - help please

Openreach used to prefer the data extension be a continuous length from the NTE to the data socket but they have now realised joints in it make sod all difference as long as it's jointed correctly with either 8a or 8b crimps or a BT78b. As the joint would be in the garage I would say the engineer would be best off using the crimps.....
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