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Infinity installation



I'm new to these forums and would like a little information please, I had an Infinity installation yesterday the engineers left my premesis without installing the Home Hub v3.


Whilst installing this myself I noticed that the broadband light on the hub was not lighting up, after checking the connection I notcied the red BT Infinity connection at the back of the hub..  So i thought i'd ask the engineer who was still outside my house sat in his van (taking a kip) and he replied 'Oh its just a standard Ethernet connection and you should just connect this to your PC'


After connecting my pc to that port i noticed that the broadband light was lighting up now but it was orange and not blue as it should be. More reading of the manual it states that the Homehub should be connected to an Infinity Modem to recieve a connection?


But I did not recieve one in my Welcome pack neither did the engineer install a face plate on my master socket that incorporates an Ethernet connection.


So my question is should I have recieved an Openreach modem along with the HomeHub or should the Engineer of installed a new socket/faceplate apologies for the long winded description but any advice you can give me would be much appreciated.

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Re: Infinity installation

Hello Juggernaut,


It sounds a little confused. The Openreach engineer should have changed your faceplate, left you a small white modem plugged into this faceplate and connected the red port of the HH3 into the White Openreach modem.


It sounds like you have just been provided with standard ADSL (not using the red cable /port). Did you receive an Infinity welcome pack? It would have contained one red and one yellow cable.


I would double check what is going on with your order with the Mods. They are helpful BT employees and can take a look at what is happening. Contact them here and link back to this thread.


Hope you get to the bottom of what has happened.



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Re: Infinity installation

Thanks for the reply yes I received a Welcome back and all that was enclosed was a Home Hub v3 and a separate box with an installation CD with one Red Ethernet cable and a Yellow one... and when I tried to call customer services every person I speak to doesn't have a Scooby Doo what I'm talking about sounds like they are reading from a script which is annoying Smiley Mad


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Re: Infinity installation

Hello Juggernaut,


That's great - you signed up for Infinity if you got the Infinity welcome pack (red and yellow ethernet cable and HH3 in a separate box). Sounds like the Openreach engineer got confused. They should do everything I stated and also make sure one PC is connected to Infinity and a speedtest done.


Please contact the Mods using the link I provided above. They work for BT, are based in the UK and can find out exactly what is happening (and more importantly when). It can take some time for them to respond, but they get results.


Hope this helps,



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Re: Infinity installation

What on earth is going on with OpenreachSmiley Mad I'm glad I didn't have that tosser round my house.


Another case of 1 bad engineer giving the the rest a bad name.



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