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Infinity, just why did i bother!

Just what does one do?


Shear incompetence, empty promises, derisory customer service.


I’ve spent over 6 hours on the phone to BT in the last 8 days.  Lengthy pointless discussions with worthless assurance that all will be remedied within 24 or 48 hours.  It really does not matter whom one speaks to, whether it is the customer service team, the level 2 team or supervisors.  They all use the same words, the same phrases and worse still believe the same message.


Infinity installed, ceased working within minutes of the engineer leaving (literally within 10 minutes!)


Tuesday, raised fault, quickly identified that a problem at the exchange exists.  Will be fixed within 24-48 hours.


Thursday, still not working.  Problem is being fixed, will be sorted by Friday.


Friday, still not working.  Very sorry, be confident that it will be resolved by Sunday and we will call back to make sure everything is ok.  UK team quite clearly communicate you cannot get out of your contract.  I had to try.


Sunday, still not working.  No call back.  Phone them (now have number on speed dial), we are working on it, know where the problem is but be rest assured it will be fixed on Monday, possibly by early Tuesday very latest.  Supervisor will call you back to make sure everything is ok, arranged for evening call.


Tuesday, still not working.  Of course it isn’t.  Message left on home answerphone; is everything ok now, if not please call us back.  Phone back Tuesday evening, speak to supervisor.  More personal promises and assurances that they have taken it ‘personally’, promises that it will be fixed Wednesday.


Wednesday, still not working.  Another deja vu phone call.  Now told that it will be resolved with 48 hours.  Here we go again.


It does not matter with whom you speak to – and you can guarantee it is someone new every time – it’s the same story, the same message, the same rubbish being fed to you.  Its like a scene from Groundhog Day.  I really have wasted my time, far too much of it.  I’m the loser in many ways, probably less so from the time perspective.  Why I have tried so hard and so many times!!!!  I’m never going to speak to anyone with any clout, someone I have respect for and the information communicated to me.  I might as well sit here and just wait, it may take a couple of days, a couple of months, but who cares, BT certainly don’t.


I’ve talked to all sorts of people, it’s become heated at times, retail vs wholesale, level 1, level 2, supervisors.  I’m in precisely the same position I was in 8 days ago, no progress, no idea when I’ll be up and running.


To me it’s simple, hold your hands up, tell me you don’t know how long it will take to resolve, reinstall my old hub (the neighbours tell me that works fine) and tell me you will be in touch when the Infinity is working and stable to see if we can reinstall.  After this debacle…and the end of the contract…I’ll be moving on.  Simply cannot go through this again.  Its demoralising, frustrating and a serious loss of my precious time that I do not get back.


Really, what does one do, where do I go from here?

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Re: Infinity, just why did i bother!

Hi frogisland,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I'm sorry for the problems you've had with your BT Infinity service since it was installed.  I can help sort things out from here.  Click on my username and under the section "about me" you'll see the link to get in touch with us.


Please include the link to this thread when you complete the form and whenever we've received your details we'll take it from there.


All the best,



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Re: Infinity, just why did i bother!

Well, lots of assurances on Wednesday that all would be right by Friday.  That's right still not working.  They did phone Thursday at the time i told them i was not available, i spoke to them briefly and they reassured me all would be good by today.


Complete and utter pointless exercise phoning them.  Atrocious service to be honest, and i don't think they give a rats #rs# re their customer.  More interested in reading from a script sheet and offering reassurance that all will be good.  Wasted too much time on this.  I want nothing to do with BT or their products.  Hopefully it will get fixed at some point, wait to the end of the contract and find another disappointing company.


Where do i go from here?  No-one at BT appears to be genuinely interested!

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Re: Infinity, just why did i bother!

Did you contact RobbieMac - it takes 3-5 working days for a Mod to reply from point of contact

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