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Infinity master socket question

I want to get infinitiy installed in a new build flat that I'm moving into.


However, the master socket isn't in the flat. Instead, the master socket is in a communications cupboard in a separate annexe building. Obviously, like this, there is no way to install the modem next to the master socket, the modem will have to go next to an extension socket.


The other potential issue is that the comms cage is locked, and while we can all see the row of master sockets, no one knows who, if anyone, has a key. There are also security issues with breaking in as every phone line in the block is terminated in the cage.


Will there be any problem connecting the modem to an extension socket, as there really isn't a way around this?





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Re: Infinity master socket question

Hi ChumpusRex,

If it is a new build then the developers/maintenance people should have a key to access this, could you contact them?
BT Mod Team.
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Re: Infinity master socket question

Hi. Thanks, after a lot of ringing around, I did find someone with the key.


Sadly the installation couldn't go ahead. The exchange work hadn't been completed by the time the installation engineer arrived, and the line was dead.


I had ordered the installation a month ago and had booked a day off so as to get this done. To say I'm disappointed, is an understatement.


The phone line is now active, but it has someone else's number (not the number in my order confirmation letter) and I've been getting literally dozens of calls all day for someone I've never heard of. I did ring BT faults, but apparently this is normal when a new line is being installed!

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