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Re: Infinity on poor lines

Perhas the poster doesn't know what theoretical means.Smiley Wink

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Re: Infinity on poor lines

@wildthing666 wrote:
Any chance you can point to the link where it states that it is a contractual speed.Smiley Wink

Might help these poor customers to kick a**e
@wildthing666 wrote:

I think the poster may be referring to the maximum theoretical speed that BT advise will be available from your line when you check what service can be provided using the BT website

I have no doubt he is, but nowhere is it "Promised" and nowhere does it state it is "contractual" otherwise the Old Bailey would be fully booked for the next ten yearsSmiley Very Happy



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Re: Infinity on poor lines

My Infinity speed checker results stated "Speed Prediction Given Here Is An Estimate" screen cap below..


My Before Infinity and After speed results 1.5Mbps to 37Mbps in THIS POST.


Present speed.-


Infinity Checker result.jpg

Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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Re: Infinity on poor lines

the phrase "Contractual Speed" is my own, arising from the the verbal statement of the sales person and the follow up email, that in my belief is a contract.

BT, certainly got quite hot & bothered every time I used the expression. They eventually said, Ah yes, but the email says should be 30.7M, that's an aspiration, to which I responded, the monthly subscription of £18, why don't you look on that as an aspiration?


In all this, I don't particularly want to keep beating up on BT. In the end, belatedly after some 3 months, I got the promised speed, they fulfilled the contract, but only after getting through to the right person. The real villians here are Openreach, who are uncontactable, unresponsive and uncensurable and Ofcom who devised the split of BT and Openreach in the first place.


A postscript - earlier today I did a speed test, which gave 35651Kps, little under 35M, which is over contract speed so v. good, if not an aberration. But then I read, Openreach are doubling Infinity max fm 40 to 80M, so maybe I should regard it as poor?


anyway, I wish everybody on this forum a Happy and contented New Year, with new lines and increased speed for all.




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Re: Infinity on poor lines

I notice that BT say that the speed will vary, but then go on to say "WITHIN A RANGE" I would say it is time to ask BT what this range is, the speed they provide a customer with  should be withine within a percentage range, be it 10% or 50%,as seen below my advertised speed is 29.5Mb I get less than 10% of that even a 1in the morning the best I got was about 2 Mb recently using the BT speedtest site. Bad weather and the line noise is back


The only test I can think of to do is resite the surge protector to another socket not the one near the phone socket and switch that one off.

BT advertised speed.jpg