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Infinity online upgrade system checker results lower than before??

Strange one this, but last week when the Infinity upgrade was first anounced I began the online upgrade process, and when it checked my line it informed me that I would be 'upgraded' to speeds of 35 up and 6 down.


Funny that, given that I currently get 37.5 down and 6 up, so needless to say I didn't bother completing the upgrade and cancelled it.


However I have checked last night and yet again tonight, and on both ocassions the system stated that I would be 'upgraded' to 29 down and 5 up!!!


What the hell is that about? How can it have changed so much in a week? There's not a rats chance in hell that I will even consider an upgrade until they get the system stabilised.

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Re: Infinity online upgrade system checker results lower than before??

Diggsy not sure why the speed estimations have dropped but it maybe because of the feedback from actual lines in your area. The estimates are  a conservative figure of what a typical line of your length will deliver. Your line performs a little better a few will be worse. The upgrade will not benefit you as your line cannot reach the 40Mb/s cap let alone the new 80Mbps. Like ADSL VDSL is dependant on the length and quality of each line, hence the "up to" label. 


I lived at the end of a sub 1.5Mbps ADSL line and when people talked about 20Mbps services I could only fume, sorry but with this upgrade you are in the same position.

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Re: Infinity online upgrade system checker results lower than before??

Thanks for the response. It just seems weird that it has changed so much within the last week. I was under the impression that my line was running at or around the maximum (My IP Profile is set at 38.72 IIRC up and 10 down) so I would have assumed it should be capable of some sort of increase.


Might give them a call and see what they say, but I am loathe to upgrade if there is a possibility of getting a worse connection.

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