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Infinity or not?

My parents have just had BT infinity installed apparently. However that are only connected to the phone line there is no separate box for Infinity although they do have the HH5. Their contract says speeds between 65-80 MBps but a speed test says 8-10 Mbps download and 10-12 Mbps upload. Seems a little high for standard broadband but way to slow for fibre optic. Are there any obvious things they can check to see if they do actually have Infinity or just standard broadband?
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Re: Infinity or not?

The upload is too high for standard broadband
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Re: Infinity or not?

The fibre part is only to the cabinet in the street. From the cabinet to the house it is just the normal phone lines. The Homehub 5 has an integrated modem so you do not get a separate modem now.


Use this speed tester then carry out the further diagnostics and it will show your IP profile for up and down. If you are on Infinity 1 it will show an up IP profile of 10Mbps or if on Infinity 2 it will show an up profile of 20Mbps.

The speeds you have said they have is pretty poor and will need further investigation if they are on Infinity.


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