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Infinity speed drop by 25 - 30%

I noticed quite sharp drop to my speeds. Usual speeds were about 55Mbps DL / 17 Mbps UP. It was like that for years. Last few days it's in region of 44Mbps DL / 13.4Mbps UP.

I've run speed test, this is all over Ethernet cable, not WiFi. Below image are results and Broadband checker, only problem is I have HH3 so can’t run diagnostics, but tried another Router (Netgear) and same results.

The only thing I noticed preceding this drop in speed was slight noise on my Phone line and now the Phone is completely dead no dial-tone and cannot make or receive any calls, have not tested with another phone, though will get another handset to test in two days.

Also about year and half ago I had HR fault which was repaired by visit from BT, cabling replaced, so not sure if it's the same issue? Outside cabling damage or deterioration?

Time to call BT?


Thanks in advance!











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Re: Infinity speed drop by 25 - 30%

If you have no dialtone then you need to phone 151 and report a phone fault   broadband can operate on 1 wire connected albeit slower but phone needs both wires connected to operate 

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