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Infinity speed slowed down.

When i first had Infinity 2 installed, i was receiving a nice steady 30Mbps or very close to it, this was fine as it was the speed BT told me i would get. But over the past few weeks, my speed never goes above 12Mbps. Of course ringing up was pointless, told me to change wireless settings when i'm on a wired desktop. When i checked my speed, my IP profile has been set to 12.67Mbps and the "acceptable range" is far lower than what I was told to expect.

Download speed.png


Estimated speeds.png





This speed test was done with no wireless devices connected and on my WIRED desktop. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Infinity speed slowed down.

Your estimated speeds are between 14Mbps and 34Mbps. As your speed is below the lowest estimated speed you need to contact BT again and request that they have the fault investigated.


You would appear to be wasting your money paying for infinity 2. Your speed even on a good day does not get above the maximum for Infinity 1 which is 38Mbps. You should see about being downgraded to Infinity 1 and save yourself some money.

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