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Infinity speed

I had bt vision with fttp option 1 and had speed of 73mb this was great for all my tv services and Netflix ect and all the wifi and wired equipment within my house. I called to stop my vision service and Bt cut all of my services the next day, I had open reach out 2 days later and told me there is no fault with the fibre connection like Bt said it was!!  Open reach told me it is a software fault that when ever a service is stopped it cuts off all the package. My speed now is 32mb with FFTP 8MB more than my Sky copper connection i had before!!

I feel i am getting a slower speed due the fact i stopped a service with BT and now feel i should go somewhere else for a better speed, with everything i have here running 32mb is not enough and BT says that is my max speed for FFTP which i could get 300MB. Very dissapointed with the whold thing when i paid out alot to get this connected, BT also wanted the you view box back to rub the wound that bit more....

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