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Infinity speeds after 10 days



I'm looking for other peoples point of view on their new infinity connections...


line sync down @38717, up @10000. my green cab is just around the corner (say 150 yards), modem remains connected for days...I have been connected since 21/02/2011.


I have run the bt.speedtester test three times a day for two weeks now, and barring the downtime the other day, I have managed to get stats from it all the time, apart from when it was very low a couple of times (3 m/bit) where it wanted to commit to the third test - it never managed to complete it.  I have also used web based tests for averaging, and I appear to be getting fairly erratic speedtest results.


In the morning I can see 37.5 m/bit on a http test, then i'll see 35.8 m/bit with the bt speedtester straight after.

Late afternoon (5pm) this can fall to 20 m/bit ish, and in the evening, i've seen as low as 3m/bit late on 930-10pm.  However, these download readings are not always consistent, it can be 30-32m/bit in the evening one moment and then drop to 15m/bit the next...The upload is fairly consistent at 7.5 - 8m/bit, so i am ok with that


I was with o2 on a 20m/bit LLU ADSL line, and it was fairly bombproof for nearly 2 years - never having a drop out and managing 17m/bit 95% of the time  -- so I know the line to the post must be ok. I know that vdsl is more sensitive to noise, so I was thinking along those lines, but my phone line sounds ok. All tests are run on a Core I7 via cat5e - no wireless.


I have been reading this forum, and Infinity connections seem to be a bit of a mixed bag. I dont want to raise a ticket with BT, and be given any stage 1 support BS...


the moderators on this board seem to be ok, so I thought I'd try here first...


any ideas?



thanks in advance

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Re: Infinity speeds after 10 days

I've found my Infinity connection to be pretty consistant in all honesty.  At the same time I find my Sky Unlimited connection to be pretty rock solid also.


Here's a table of the speedtests via BT Speedtester this since the start of the month.  I generally like to keep an eye on my connections to make sure everything's as it should be.


Speedtests are pretty close to actual download speeds.  I use Sky Player a lot & that's been flawless.  BBC iplayer has also been flawless when I've been using it.


Kind regards... Tom

BT Infinity2:
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Re: Infinity speeds after 10 days



reme 8488


thanks for replying.

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Re: Infinity speeds after 10 days (update - still not fixed)

Message to moderators,




can somebody PM me about the following fault report (110314-009131) I havent had any communication from BT after I submitted my online form - I had to go looking for it on the "MY BT" page. BT's systems have now closed my fault query (VOL011-47403651669). This would suggest that My super fast Infinity broadband was working properly. It is working, but it certainly isnt working as advertised.






As I have mentioned in my original post, I have good underlying speed, My Line profile has not changed. The Modem remains connected. However, I seem to be getting a fairly frequent fall down to very low speeds. A reduction down to 3-4 m/bit is way below the 12m/bit your blurb states is an acceptable range. How can Openreach's Speedtest log 3-4 m/bit, whilst BT retail servers appear not to be aware of the Logs and close the fault report saying everything a-ok?


Maybe I should consider paying you proportionally as well? I am very unhappy!



Please can someone respond.

thank you.

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Re: Infinity speeds after 10 days (update - still not fixed)

Hi Titchie43

The best way to pm the mods is via the online form at


You should include a link to this thread in the form, which is:


It might also be useful to include your BT account number.


Hope this helps.



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