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Infinity speeds down the gurgler

Have been an Infinity customer for several years - mostly good apart from the Home Hun which I swapped for a much more reliable Apple router.

Recently we have experienced 10-15 periods (at what I would guess are high traffic times) when the speed drops to virtually nothing.

Im getting nowehere with the normal call centre routine - they claim that there is no problem but there clearly is if we go from 60+mbps to 0.5mbps and back again.

We are in a house which I was told is the furthest from the green cabinet so suspect that this is a capacity issue. How do I get BT to take it seriously?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Infinity speeds down the gurgler

you need to post some information like stats from your router


also post results from btspeedtester diagnostic test with a wired conenction NOT wireless  post when speed is ok and when you think it is bad   diagnostic test follows first test



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