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Infinity unstable for weeks now

Hi, Still having no end of hassles with my internet connection. I originally posted in the 72+ page thread ("BT Infinity issues for the last few days") that was closed by StephanieG with sparse information provided but I am still having the exact same issue with an inconsistent and unreliable broadband connection which I do not believe is related to speed of the connection.


Websites are often incredibly slow to load to the point where we just give up, youtube stutters and buffers badly, online gaming is not doable as the connection is not solidly reliable so we get kicked off by the game server etc


A sample tracert clearly shows why I'm getting slow actual speeds and gaming disconnects -





I've tried changing to use Google DNS but I don't think that makes any difference to where requests actually go within BT network after recent law changes? Either way it makes no difference.


As none of the calls with BT Support have been of any help I would really like to avoid having to go through that all again -  can anyone on this site advise what else I can do as I don't know what else to try?






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Re: Infinity unstable for weeks now

Unfortunately a Tracert to a non-responsive host doesn’t really mean anything.


Please post your line speed estimate

Your line stats assuming you have a HH5

And the Further Diagnostics of the BT speed test

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Re: Infinity unstable for weeks now

I too have been having identical issues since just before Christmas. Web pages partially loading (dropped css / images), forms timing out, Amazon prime stuttering / unavailable.  Connection is actually fine, speed tests are fine.  Problems on wired and wireless.  HH5 resets, on/off etc, all to no avail.  It doesn't seem to affect all sites equally, but not in a discernable pattern.


I've been emailing the helpdesk since before Christmas to no avail.  I've provided a traceroute every time, always seems to report heavy losses - I've read elsewhere that this isn't by itself proof of anything, however when I don't have issues, the traceroutes seem to run via with fewer losses... 


The helpdesk they keep on suggesting it's a wifi issue and I should change channel and that there's no evidence of dropped connections - even though I've said repeatedly the connection is fine and it's not just wireless.. It really doesn't feel like anyone has paid any attention to what I've said to them..


I've also had a look at netstat -s, not sure what in there indicates an error and what's acceptable operation of the network stack..


latest traceroute:

mtr --report
Start: Sat Jan 17 21:10:44 2015
HOST: xxx-xxxxxxxx                Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|-- BThomehub.home             0.0%    10    3.4  17.1   3.2  88.6  27.8
  2.|-- ???                       100.0    10    0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0
  3.|--             80.0%    10   13.2  13.3  13.2  13.3   0.0
  4.|--             20.0%    10   16.0  13.9  12.8  16.0   1.1
  5.|--             10.0%    10   15.3  15.1  13.4  16.8   1.2
  6.|-- peer5-te0-9-0-0.telehouse 10.0%    10   19.7  15.6  13.2  20.1   2.8
  7.|-- 20.0%    10   20.4  21.5  18.9  28.9   3.1
  8.|-- 20.0%    10   13.3  20.9  13.0  66.4  18.4
  9.|-- 20.0%    10   17.2  17.5  16.7  19.3   0.7
 10.|-- ip-217-204-47-84.easynet. 20.0%    10   18.1  18.2  17.6  20.3   0.8
 11.|-- ???                       100.0    10    0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0

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Re: Infinity unstable for weeks now

Ditto here

Chat help line only suggested going to BT tech help which is chargable.

Only had infinity for two weeks during which I am mostly unable to use my lovefilm account, logon to office 365 or watch iplayer for more than a few minutes.  Page loads of even bbc are laughably slow.

My previous 3.5mb with Sky was far superior, I had great hopes of 38mb speeds.

Problem is the help teams just look at my download speeds each time and tell me it's my fault despite testing on mac/pc/linux wired and ipad/laptops/android wireless... all rubbish!

Surely someone must have an answer?

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Re: Infinity unstable for weeks now

ran the tests as suggested and while the time isn't stamped, the test runs do seem very weird. 






And here's where it gets weird -


furst run :- 




As this is obviously not right I immediately selected Re-run Tests option and this time it was -




Further diagnostics from end of test 2 -



There was maybe 10-15seconds between the end of test 1 and selecting Re-Run 


I did get 70+Mb downloads when I first got infinity but I'm certainly not unhappy with 60Mb however these 2 test runs at vastly different speeds do indicate my problem. Sometimes everything is fine, other times it's not usable and I have to either re-send the request ( refresh web browser etc) to get the connection to "fire into life"


Any more ideas or even how to escalate this beyond BT Support line 1? 


My hh is 




Apologies for the wall of pictures but trying to give as much information as I can.



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Re: Infinity unstable for weeks now

Your hub stats are no use as it would appear you are connecting through an Openreach modem. To view the hub stats you need to connect the HH5 directly without the modem.


After you have done the speed test you should also run the Further Diagnostic test and post back the results of that. make sure the test is done wired not wireless.

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Re: Infinity unstable for weeks now

thanks so far gg30340 but I'm not sure what you mean by connecting directly to the hh5 without the modem? 


I have a wired connection to the hh5 which in turn is connected to the white open reach box which I though was the adsl modem? I connect using http://bthomehub.home/ so can you clarify please? 


I run then go to Further Diagnostics as below ( then I enter my telephone number )




to get this -





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Re: Infinity unstable for weeks now

You do not need the modem with the HH5. You are on VDSL and the HH5 has a built in modem. Remove the modem and plug the HH5 into the phone socket

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Re: Infinity unstable for weeks now

Removed the open reach modem , thanks for that tip, I've no idea why the BT engineer installed that originally and I never thought to look into it.


re-ran the bt speedtest and -


bt speedtest 20.JPG


Further diagnostics -



I've had a wander around the hh5 via the web but I don't seem to see much in the way of stats other than 




Doesn't this suggest I should be getting 62-ish Mbps ? I'm barely getting a tenth of that on a bad day. I should mention that sometimes it's fine and I do get 60+Mbps so could the slowness be due to contention depending on what the other ppl in the street are upto ? 


Thanks again for the advice.

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Re: Infinity unstable for weeks now

You get the Homehub 5 stats from 1-12 by logging onto the homehub management pages then troubleshooting > helpdesk. http://bthomehub.home/

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