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Infinity was great! ... until openreach un-jumpered my fibre for no apparent reason. ......

.... Now I have no broadband, and a standard PSTN line! Why? Well thats the Million $ question....


Im writing this in the hope that someone from BT might actually read this and be able to sort it. Although experience tells me not to be so ridiculous.


Here's my experience: (and bear with me 'cos no one is more confused at this point as to what has gone on.... OH! Except maybe BT Staff!!! )


Nov 18th after a 3 week wait my BT infinity and BT Vision Boxes are installed and all is hunky dory (except for being mis-sold the BT Vision Gold package, which yes includes many great films you can watch for free! unfortunately most of them are circa 1980 or before.... anything in the last 10 years say is £3.99. ripoff)


Anyway... I digress... BT infinity connected at a stonking 36mb! Fantastic.... (apart from being heavily traffic shaped. but thats another story.)


Tuesday Evening 31st November/ 10.30pm approx. after a moderate snow fall my blue broadband light disappears from view on my Infinity Home Hub 2.0 disconnecting me from my web experience... "No problem" I thought, " a bit inconvenient but I can live without internet for an evening, and it will probably be fixed by following day.... there's probably leaves on the line or something....." (or is that the other "reliable" and "well managed" "British" institution!?


Wednesday 1st December -08:45am I place a support call and follow the call tree entering the "phone number I wish to call about." Eventually I get through to some sickeningly pleasant but equally incompetent and clueless "support" staff in India or wherever who then ask me for my telephone number my call is concerning. HOLD THE PHONE! Is this the same number I entered in to save me the hassle of repeating information?! I'm at a loss.


Anyway, I digress yet again.  After being put on hold and cut off twice and having to call back I'm eventually told that "yes there are some known problems in the area and to bear with them while an engineer fixes this..."


"Oh well", I thought, "as irritating and long winded as the process was I might actually get my broadband back...."


How wrong could I possibly be!?


Wednesday 1st December 10.00am - I get a phonecall on my mobile while at work from my brother. Fantastic I thought. Now this is VERY important! My brother is an Openreach engineer.... Yes that's right... he works for the "enemy". Now the contents of this phone call I'm stilll struggling with as my brother tells me he is stood next to another openreach engineer in the BT exchange who was asking him the directions to a particular cabinet/port. My brother being his usual helpful self asked him which address it was he needed to work on as he knew my line was in the same cabinet......It turns out the job was to un-jumper the Fibre to cabinet from my Telephone line with Fibre-to-cabinet Infinity and change me back to a standard PSTN phone line with no broadband! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Wednesday 1st December 10.01am - Straight on the phone to India again to try and resolve the problem. After about 15 minutes more farting around and complaining I eventually get through to BT person whose first language is english and explained my problem. He was quite apologetic and bless him, he seemed to accept my ranting quite well. He did some checking and said he couldnt talk to an openreach employee directly for some bizarre reason, but did say he couldnt see any reason why I should have my fibre disconnected. He promised to investigate further and get back to me within the hour with his findings...... more than 24 hours later and still no reply..... SHAME ON YOU BT!


Wednesday PM - Yet another call to India. (by this point its a good job im not paying for direct calls over there, I'd be in the poor house) quoted my call reference number from my previous calls.. Unfortunately the very nice but equally clueless and incompetent lady on the other end of the phone said "whats that? I dont know what that number is!" IS THIS FOR REAL?! Had to check around for hidden cameras incase I was on one of those shows....


I was then told that there are problems with broadband in the area due to poor weather conditions and "leaves on the track" etc... (sorry got my national institutions mixed up again! :S


I replied that although there was possibly a fault with my lline the previous evening, the greater/more pressing issue was the fact that an Openreach engineer was in the Exchange disconnecting my Fibre to Cabinet....


Eventually I was told that it may be fixed by this afternoon Thursday 2nd December but I wont hold my breath! I'm about to make a call to BT again from work which I probably shouldnt do, wasting my employers time as well as hours so far of my own.... I wonder where the call will get routed to?.... any guesses?


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BT SORT OUT MY BLEEPING *%^%£$* PROBLEM - ALL I WANT IS MY INFINITY BACK - Preferably with no traffic shaping (alright I know a miracle is too much to ask after you cant even keep my connection up for more than a couple of weeks..... )


PS because My BT Vision ON DEMAND service is also reliant on my broadband, that doesnt work either. Which is no great loss as all the circa 1980's films on there I can probably get on a car boot (and get to keep the DVD forever) for about £0.50p



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Re: Infinity was great! ... until openreach un-jumpered my fibre for no apparent reason. ......

wow that sounds rough. May i ask why your brother didnt stop the guy from jacking your fibre connections in the exchange? could your brother not have sorted this for you instead of going through the hassel of BT?


A little off topic but what do u mean by traffic shaping on broadband?

I plan to get infinity soon but the nightmare stories that are coming out are frightning

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Re: Infinity was great! ... until openreach un-jumpered my fibre for no apparent reason. ......

Rough? you have no idea. I wouldnt mind so much except I'm an IT/Network engineer so I'm sick of all the BS you get when you call BT up, asking me have I tried "turning it off and on again".


My company bless them, said Icould work at home remotely over VPN if I thought it was too dangerous to come into the office.... BRILLIANT! I'd do that if I had some form of network connectivity...... :S grrrr


I thought it was a bit unfair to get my bro in trouble for suggesting the engineer stop. Also he has no real authority to get the engineer to stop his job as he had an order to do it. The problem is he said that in Openreach they never get to work on jobs that have come through the same day. So he thinks there may have been an order to disconnect my fibre several days ago.... I'd like to know who requested this as it wasnt me!


By traffic shaping I mean that if you're browsing the net on port 80 its fairly quick, but nobody needs a 40mb pipe for browsing web pages. It's there for downloads. This is fine, and I know torrents are frowned upon, but out of my 36mb downstream and 9mb upstream I can download at just over 1mb/s and upload at about 100kb/s.


Anything from usenet, I get at a stonking 4mb/s..... or rather I did until Tuesday night. Who knows when/if I ever get it back again

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Re: Infinity was great! ... until openreach un-jumpered my fibre for no apparent reason. ......

BT customer service strikes again.

ps sent you a PM

If I've helped, just click the Star - Every little bit helps 🙂
If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem.
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Re: Infinity was great! ... until openreach un-jumpered my fibre for no apparent reason. ......

Wow! How I can empathise!

I lost my broadband connection because some genius said the way to fix my simple problem was to do a factory reset.


The problem?

Remove old dns entries on my 2700 hub.

You could do that via the management menus pror to the 6.x firmware upgraded.


Anyway I bit the bullet and pulled the plug.


Tick, Tick, Tick. 16:00 30/111/2010

NO SIGN of LIFE!!! Red internet light.

Check and recheck settings

No joy

Panic sets

Phone support, go through endless resets and reboots no joy.

Oh it is a backend problem, will need to escalate. it has now gone past 18:00!

Oh there is no one here not to fix the problem. %6&5$£$


To cut a long story short, it has finaly been sorted this afternoon with constant hounding of many many people.


I still have no explanation as what on earth happened.


Like you this is the only forrum where we can vent as the people who answer the phone have no real knowledge of the the problem. And as there are so many different bits of BT unless the problem is blindingly obvious getting someone to be accountable is impossible.



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Re: Infinity was great! ... until openreach un-jumpered my fibre for no apparent reason. ......

Hi JameEllis,


I'll be happy to help you out here and get the service back up for you.


Could you drop me in an email please with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.

Just send to the email address in my profile and mark FAO Craig please.



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Re: Infinity was great! ... until openreach un-jumpered my fibre for no apparent reason. ......

Ooooh this is interesting... After another lengthy non-sensical converation to Indian call centre again apparently (and this is probably BS but) they discovered a fault on my line so they had to remove the broadband from my line and apply it again for it to work!? WTH?


Ive asked to get this escalated to a manager but have been told that my broadband and vision is being RE-ORDERED and needs to be re-applied by Openreach in the exchange... ETA....5 WORKING DAYS...!!! ZOMG


I guess I'll have to brave the icy roads and endanger my life to get into work as I cant work remotely from home.... Man Mad due to some BT cockup.


I did ask what this mysterious error was that caused them to remove broadband from my line but she's now gone off to ask someone. Probably gone off the line so they can all sit around and have a brainstorming session to invent something. Apparently I'm waiting on a call back on my mobile (which may or may not happen) to let me know the new/RE installation date of my broadband that a) there wasnt a fault on... b)no one told me was going to be disconnected... c) took me 3 weeks to get installed in the firstplace and was working fine until some muppet disconnected me.



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Re: Infinity was great! ... until openreach un-jumpered my fibre for no apparent reason. ......

It gets worse. Just been told by India again that they can have my line back on in 5 working days... they said theyd call me back to confirm and didnt!! ..... no suprise there...


called customer serivces then again in India who said I need to speak to Infinity team and gave me 0800 525 775 and they'd "DEFINATELY be able to help with the problem"


Guess what Thats Infinity SALES TEAM who incidentally CANT help me.... he DID look at my account notes however and told me that my line has been re-ordered and will be re-connect on the 20th December!!!!!!!!!!! Thats 3 *^&%**& weeks away....GRRR Man Mad


This just CAN'T be right.......

I might just cancel the whole lot and get SKY HD installed like the missus asked me to in the first place.

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Re: Infinity was great! ... until openreach un-jumpered my fibre for no apparent reason. ......

Did you try contacting CraigS? The mods usually have a better success rate than other parts of BT.
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Re: Infinity was great! ... until openreach un-jumpered my fibre for no apparent reason. ......

have you taken up the mods advice they may be able to pull a few strings and get it done sooner they are great at sorting  problems

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