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Infinity which is infinitely hard to understand

I Have had major problems trying to sort out infinity which is a nightmare to understand and is very frustrating when you are told you can get it cant get it, your exchange is enabled then it isn't, then it is but the cabinet isn't, then there is a problem on the line exchange side, then a problem between cabinet and home etc etc etc ..... All the time you get different answers to problems different excuses then customer service centre and technical Dept are completely useless (I don't blame them I blame bt management for cutting cost using India as a call centre) I must have spent weeks on the phone  trying to research what is wrong with my line but when bt uses there convenient second arm openreach who seem to be accountable for nothing and will discuss nothing with anyone even bt customer service themselves then the search for the answer to your problems are futile

I am ready to give up on Bt and try something else. It tell you something when Bt try to tie you in with a 18 month contract If their service was acceptable then you would stay with them because they were good.

 One of many jacked off Bt customers


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Re: Infinity which is infinitely hard to understand

I had the same problems but mine were a lot worse than what you’ve described. I had an engineer sent out to my property FIVE times in the space of FIVE weeks and on all of the occasions the engineer told me that there was a problem with the cabinet or the pairs that I had been assigned were in-use. But I waited for BT and it paid off, big time. Others may offer the speeds that BT do but in reality they oversell there packages (Virgin Media) I was limited to a mere 6MbPS download with them when I was promised 50. Hold out for BT and you won’t regret it.

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