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Infinity working, but PC still slow/sluggish


I'm a 68yr old and not a PC fundi, but do have a problem - hence the help request please.

Recently had infinity installed.. Mb increased from 2.8 to 39.7 and tested OK by BT.

Our desktop PC (HP Pavilion all in one) which is kept up to date with the automatic HP diagnostics, scans, tests as we are on the HP service plan but it's still sluggish and have not seen any improvement in speed, which is frustrating to say the least.

How can I 'freshen up' the PC, clear the junk/gunk out?

Have done the usual Clean PC, Disc defrag, and scans for problems, but still no joy.

Some PC companies say up to £60 to sort it out..... but it's not that easy. I would like to try myself, but would really appreciate some advice and guidlines (in simple layman's terms) on what I can try. I have McAfee anti virus.

BT say their part of the deal is fine and in order as they have given us 39.7 Mb.

I would appreciate any help please,

I thank you in anticipation,

Bye for now,


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Re: Infinity working, but PC still slow/sluggish

Getting Infinity won't speed up your PC, it will only speed up your browsing on the Internet and any downloads you do from there.


Do a speed test to check your internet speed using this link. It will tell you the speed you are getting.


If your PC is sluggish then there are a few things you can do:


Down load and install CCleaner which will clean out all your temporary files and any other bits of junk that are not needed.


Once down loaded install and run it. Use the cleaner part first then the registry. Accept the bit where it asks if you want a back up then let it do its work.


Go into Tool then start up. Have a look in there and see what programs are starting when you start your computer. You can stop any unnecessary ones. If you are not sure which are safe to stop then come back to the forum for advice.


Your antivirus, McAfee uses a lot of system resources and can slow your computer down. My advice would be to uninstall it and install a free antivirus such as windows Security Essentials, AVG Free 2013 or Avast Free.


If want to uninstall McAfee follow this guide


If its BTNetprotect / McAfee you have then follow this guide and remember to use the removal tool once you have restarted your computer.'t-want-bt-netprotect-plus-anymore.-how-...


You could also install more memory in your computer but that will cost money and may not be needed after you do the above.


Also check on your browser to see how many toolbars you have. If its Internet Explorer go to Tool > Manage add ons > Toolbars and extensions. If you have any toolbars then decide if you want to disable them or not.