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Infinity2 installed today; not as good as I was expecting

Hi all,


Openreach fellow turned up and installed the Infinity2 service today. He said on the way out that he'd gotten a full 80/20 on his little gadget that he used. However when I tested it with (the last 12 hours) I've been getting inconsistent results such as 4/8, 10/10 and most of the time 20/18. I've tried it both via ethernet to the HH3 and wirelessly.


The IP profile is set to 77.43/20, are the speeds meant to gradually climb over the first 10 teething days? Because the engineer said that the speed we get now should be the same after the X amount of days. The distance to the cabinet is approx 250 metres.


Or are my conditions not capable of getting the the max IP profile?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Infinity2 installed today; not as good as I was expecting

The DLM [Dynamic Line Management] system in the cabs monitor all lines for the first ten or so days to not only check the speed but also the stabilty of the line.

You will get some erratic reading while the DLM decides what is the most stable sync for your line,it does this for all lines at all times,but mostly during the first 10 days following a new connection.

If you just use it and try not to reset your OR modem [the white box] or you HH3,then your sync and IP profile should give you very near to the estimated speeds and sync that you were quoted at the point of sale.

BT do not answer any speed querys unless the line speed falls below about 12Mbps on infinty,so imo you should just wait out the ten days and it should smooth out.


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Re: Infinity2 installed today; not as good as I was expecting

Thanks, I'll wait for the 10 days to settle.


Point of sale estimate was 60/19 so hopefully we'll be getting there. I'll report back.

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