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Infinty 1 to Infinity 2 upgrade

Hi everyone.

So i was given an estimate of 61mbps download and 19 mbps upload if i upgraded from infinity 1 to infinity 2,took the plunge and ugraded,revieved an e-mail on the day of upgrade saying my new service is ready to use,i checked my Bt and my broadband was now showing as up to 76mbps download and no download limit etc,i then run a speed check using the BT speed checker and my speeds have not changed at all,they are exactly the same as i was getting before the upgrade neither higher or lower.

phone Bt technical help and after  going through the switch the modem off ,switch it back on,switch home hub off switch it back on,are you using  wired or wireless connection etc etc they came to the conclusion that i had to wait untill midnight on day of activation for speed to be upgraded.I told them i was aware of this but that they had sent me an e-mail at 11.35am saying service was ready,a call back the next day was arranged.

I recieved the call back and it was basically along the lines of has it gone up yet? no it hasn't i said then i gave him the result of speed check and he said he would ask his supervisor if he could escalate it to the engineers??

Waiting for another call back at the moment.. In the mean time here are my test results i would be grateful if someone could tell me if these ip profiles etc are what i would expect from someone on an infinity 2 connection bearing in mine these are ecaxtly the same speeds i was getting on infinity 1


Results Image not loaded

1. Best Effort Test: -provides background information.

 Download Speed
 36.42 Mbps
0 Mbps0 Mbps
Max Achievable Speed

Download speedachieved during the test was - 36.42 Mbps
For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 16 Mbps-0 Mbps.
IP Profile for your line is - 38.72 Mbps

2. Upstream Test: -provides background information.

 Upload Speed
 8.01 Mbps
0 Mbps20 Mbps
Max Achievable Speed

Upload speed achieved during the test was - 8.01Mbps
Additional Information:
Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 20 Mbps

We were unable to identify any performance problem with your service at this time.
It is possible that any problem you are currently, or had previously experienced may have been caused by traffic congestion on the Internet or by the server you were accessing responding slowly.
If you continue to encounter a problem with a specific server, please contact the administrator of that server in the first instance.

Many Thanks Alan

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Re: Infinty 1 to Infinity 2 upgrade

Have you tried a restart of your kit?

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Re: Infinty 1 to Infinity 2 upgrade

Sorry yes,we went down that route to
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Re: Infinty 1 to Infinity 2 upgrade

You may have a wrong estimate of speeds meaning you are already getting the max your line can support.

Or you have been put on the wrong port in the cab meaning although your profile is at 80/20, your still only syncing at 40/10.

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Re: Infinty 1 to Infinity 2 upgrade

Hmmm i hope i have'nt been given a wrong estimate of speeds, 61MBPS is a pretty way off estimate if all i can achieve is 37..more like a number picked at random that an estimate if thats the case.
The cab is at the top of my street and open reach workman are there nearly every other day,hopefully ive been put on the wrong port in the cab like you mentioned.
Bt have now missed there ring back time to me as well : ( looks like i'll have to phone them and start all over again....
thanks for your input Deathtrap
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