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Input lag in online games on ps4 and pc


There is something weird and wrong with my internet as I have input lag in all online games: fifa 18 ps4, league of legends - pc, cs: go - pc.


I've got good, stable speeds and low stable ping.

I tried using wired and wireless - no difference


What is wrong? ;/ ;/

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Re: Input lag in online games on ps4 and pc

FIFA servers? Routing problem?  A tracert to the game serves may help track it down.

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Re: Input lag in online games on ps4 and pc

It's not only fifa. Ping and traceroutes seem fine. What is weird it's that sometimes like once in 2 weeks everything works fine and then for no reason it's **bleep** again...I had same problems with previous broadband provider, is there something wrong on my street or wtf


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Re: Input lag in online games on ps4 and pc

A pathping to a game server may also pinpoint any issues.

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Re: Input lag in online games on ps4 and pc

Yeah I would just like to say good luck trying to fix this problem I've been trying for 5 years with FIFA.

My connection is great I get the full speed 80/20 and around 20 ping but every online match on FIFA I feel like my players are seconds behind which ends in terrible first touches, never being first to a 50/50 ball players feeling sluggish etc.

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Re: Input lag in online games on ps4 and pc

Since the last 3/4 weeks i have had input delay/high ping on every game. On fifa, i notice it the worst because i press the button and it isnt instantly responsive like it used to be. Please note that I play at my dads and mums (so it isnt internet related) who both have fibre and i play wired. I have also brought a brand new PS4 pro thinking it was the ps4 that was causing this problem but to no avail. I have fiddled with every internet setting under the sun, reset both routers over 5 times, called ISP at my mums but the connection is great at both my mums and dads and has been for 2 years. Since the last 3/4 weeks it says my connection is too slow to share play and my ping has increased to 28-32 ping when it was 8-16 (it is the exact same at my mum and dads). I have got a new controller that came with the pro, new usb and 4k hdmi cables and i play on a gaming monitor. I am going to phone playstation support in the week but if anyone finds a solution, lmk (I think it is playstation server side) I play fifa competitively so this is killing me :'(.

Thanks, Charlie.
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