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Re: Insecure wireless connection?

Are you sure that your computer is not trying to connect initially to BT FON or Openzone, as these ARE insecure networks.

What is important, is the actual connection which is finally established to your home hub, which should be secure provided you have not turned wireless security off in the hub manager.
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Re: Insecure wireless connection?


@Anja wrote:



Hello everyone.

I have a BT HomeHub 2.0 since April 2010 and installed it using BT´s instructions. Nowhere in the instructions it said I needed to secure it and I could not find any useful information on the internet. Tried to call BT but gave up after 15min of waiting in the queue.


Most of the time there are technical difficulties and I don´t get to use the internet very often at all. I usually need to switch my laptop on and then restart it again at least once (sometimes more often) to get the internet to work. There seems to be an DNS error and sometimes it tells me my IP address is wrong.

Now (October 2010) I received an email from BT telling me they will charge me as I am going over my 10GB monthly limit. Funny considering how often I use it.


Having suspected for a long time that my wireless is not secured and that my neighbour (an IT consultant) is using my broadband I called BT again to ask them to help me to secure my wireless. Having endured the 20minute wait, I finally spoke to someone who clearly did not speak english very well and just kept on insisting that the BT Home Hub comes fully secured and nobody other than me can use my wireless. Really really unhelpful.

Is he right? What does it take to get to 10GB per month? I am not downloading anything - just occasional email checking, online booking of flights and with a bit of luck even the odd BBC IPlayer series.

If he is wrong how do I secure my wireless?

I am happy to disable the wireless and have a wired connection only.


According to BT the wireless is disabled as soon as I put a cable into the router. Is that correct?

Can anybody out there please tell me what I need to do? As you may have noticed I am not good at all this IT stuff and would appreciate some help.



Easy way to see if wifi is secured is download inssider2 its free and will show all wifi around you and their level of security


The default wifi pass is on the back of your router (home hub) and can be read by any one hope you changed it

Download Inssider2 for free from

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Re: Insecure wireless connection?

Might be wiser to just do a factory reset. This will wipe any "untoward" firewall/port rules that could of been sneakily set.


My Brother (Ex BT engineer) found a sneaky folder on his comp with 20gb of pr0n in it. He was wondering why the net slowed down so much. He was being used as a server.

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Re: Insecure wireless connection?

Many thanks to all the kind people that replied. All info will be tried. I aint to hot on forum sites etc so I hope all respondents get this note of thanks. Cheers Scropter

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