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Installation date change

I recently placed an order with BT, for phone and broadband. To be installed on 10th March 2011.


I received a text today, stating my installation date had been changed to 27th February 2011, which is a Sunday.


My first question is, if my install date has changed, will my equipment be posted to me sooner? Will my activation date change aswell?


Also, do BT even complete installs on a Sunday?


Any help, greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Installation date change

Hi Luke,


I'd be surprised if you get connected at all!

I have been waiting ages for BT to connect me and the connection dates have changed continuously. My activation date has also passed and when I call the number to find out why, I am constantly told I will get a call back in 24 hours. They never call me back.


Unfortunately, we both have to wait for another BT company, BT openreach to perform the work, and it appears that this company is useless beyond description to get anything done, or to give an update.


Everyday I see Openreach trucks, they are either parked in a car park with the drivers feet up, or mindlessly driving around. I have yet to see one outside a house where they could be doing some work.


I'm sorry that my reply doesn't give you any constructive help to your problem, I just want you to know that you are not alone.



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Re: Installation date change

Hi Harry,


Sorry to hear that you have been waiting a while... Hopefully we both won't have to wait much longer... I have been "promised" by a supervisor that my installation will take place on Sunday.... Will just have to wait and see, will update here whether or not...





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Re: Installation date change



I work for a certain media company who I wont mention but live in the clouds ;). We have been advised that the lead time for installs is now between 4-6 weeks. This is being blamed on various things including the bad weather in Nov/Dec which caused delays. We can only advise our customers that this is a BT Openreach issue and and they are working on it. It maybe that they are trying to clear the backlog and so are working Sundays. Goodluck

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Re: Installation date change

Hi giny30


Well my installation didn't take place... I now have to wait until the 25th March, for BT Openreach to visit again.

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Re: Installation date change

Has your equipment arrived yet?


My install date is supposed to be today but I'm fully expecting an engineer turn up who is prepared to do internals and they'll send back someone to do the externals in a few weeks time. Last time I tried getting a line the guy turned up and was under the impression that the line was already in - I think they do this to fulfil their regulatory obligations. It really does seem like it's time that Openreach are made into a properley independant company so it can be taken over by someone who can actually run a company. This customerless approach seems to cause no end of problems for all other stakeholders.


That said I might have my new line by 5pm tonight, I'll report back.

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Re: Installation date change

Hi rosewood,


No my equipment has not arrived!


I totally agree with you, Openreach just take us all for fools!

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