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Installation delay.. What a joke BT is becoming...

I recently moved into a new build flat, I phoned BT exactly a week before the planned move to confirm they can setup my new line. I already made checks beforehand that the new property can get BT Broadband/phone, There is already 4 phone sockets installed, A BT box outside the front door and I know the cables have been installed since I tripped over a BT manhole cover on the path since the estate im on is still being built and the paths only have the first layer of the surface installed.


I was originally told it'll be three weeks before I can have it installed since it's a new build, But the landlord confirmed it was already connected and BT only had to activate it.


I suffer from Apsergers syndrome and the internet is my life, I work online, All my contacts are online since I only use Skype/Facebook/Email to contact people. The area I am in sadly only has 2G and internet is hard to pickup. I can hardly pickup a phone signal, I get a call yesterday to say they're having issue's and that my install will not be happening today. It take's me a long time to get ready to see people, Especially strangers as I have major trust issues and letting anybody in takes me days to get ready for..


A call a day before? It's a joke.


I do not like being lied to and pretty much BT lied about the install date, I know this area is connected, I know the cables are installed, Why the hell can't BT and Openreach get their act straight? All I see is lame excuses about new builds not being able to have a line installed for three weeks yet already having a line installed? I mean how does that make sense? There's FOUR phone sockets already in the place, There is a BT box on the outside and BT manholes are on the paths already which contain the cables..


I was originally with Virgin Media for broadband but switched to BT since they offered more for £10 less and offered Infintiy at the old address, This is the thanks I get for being a customer? Delays and lies?


I guess the funny thing is I made a bet this would happen, BT proved themselves right. I am currently debating if I make a complaint but seeing how complaints are igonred I might as well type it up and bin it since that's what BT appears to do.


Really disappointed BT.


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Re: Installation delay.. What a joke BT is becoming...

I am having exactly the same problems as you with a new build house. I have complained but it's not made much difference. Still no idea of when I'm going to be connected. Don't bother speaking to anyone in the Indian call centre they can't read or speak proper English. At one point I was told my ISP had refused to disconnect me! I laughed and explained that the wires are hanging in mid air outside the front of the house and weren't connected to anything so who was refusing to disconnect me?

Does anyone form BT look at this forum and follow up our complaints?

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Re: Installation delay.. What a joke BT is becoming...

Hi 1234561 and lozboz,


I'm sorry about the delay in connecting your lines, often with new builds even though your home has sockets the network may not be ready to connect them up when you move in. 


Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your order details and we can chase this up with Openreach. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: Installation delay.. What a joke BT is becoming...

Update to this, Here's a breakdown of the lovely **bleep** service BT is prodiving. To make it simple I'll make a timeline.


June 25th - Order Placed.


June 30th - 5 Days after leaving old address post arrives at it, Even though BT were informed I'd be gone by the 26th of June.


July 10th - Phoned to check all was ok and there wasn't any issues, All said to be good.


July 16th - Phone call received to say Appointment was cancelled, No reason given.

July 17th - Phoned back for an update to say they hadn't installed the routing, Was told it'll be fixed by the 21st, Was promised a call on the 21st.


July 21st - No service, Was told it'll be fixed on the 22nd or 23rd.

July 22nd - No service, Was promised more updates, failed to get a call back.

July 23rd - No service.

July 24th - No service, Was told they STILL hadn't done the routing, I quoted new OFCOM rules saying it had to be fixed within 48 hours, Was told it'll be fixed before the 30th.

July 25th - No service.

July 26th - No service.

July 27th - No service.

July 28th - No service.

July 29th - No service. Got SMS saying install would be tomorrow, Phoned support to double check, Was said all was set, Then as support said this they go oh no it's not happening now.

July 30th - No service, Phoned up support who promised it'll be fixed by the 1st if not before, Was also promised updates which I got none of.

July 31st - Guess what? No service.


Aug 1st - 5pm, No service, Phoned for update WORK STILL HASN'T BEEN DONE. Was told I would be called back on Aug 5th? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?


Want to know what upset's me BT? LIARS. I have spoken to an BT Openreach engineer in person who confirmed that estate has been connected. My landlord confirmed other residents less than 50 meters away had a BT line installed.

I went out with a WiFi scanner picked up 18 BT connections on this street alone! All of which are new builds like mine!


All you idiots do is say check our site, I don't have internet you MORONS, I don't even have mobile net as the signal is too poor resulting in me having to get a new phone contract. You then say use BT Openzone WELL I WOULD IF I COULD PICK IT UP AT HOME!


Then there is your LAME phone system, It demands a BT number to connect to support well I don't **bleep** have one as you haven't provided me a service! Then when it does give you an option such as account number it rejects my account number as I have no friggin active service!


On more than one occasion I didn't get calls which were promised, One time you hung up on me TWICE!! My mobile bill which is normally under £25 a month is now over £50 a month! Your lame compensation of £0.51/day isn't going to cover it!


I was offered £30 for a Mobile Dongle but it was given as account credit, I don't have money at this time as I just moved and have to buy carpet/chairs ETC.


I told BT 5 times to remove my old landline number also as it was disconnected due to me no longer living there! EVEN NOW IT STILL SHOWS AS MY DEFAULT CONTACT! JESUS **bleep**ING CHIRST! How hard is it to **bleep**ing fix a number?

I am beyond annoyed with you BT, Your company is a **bleep**ING JOKE.


All you do is say "SORRY" Well if you're sorry FIX MY **bleep** SERVICE!!!!!!!!

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Re: Installation delay.. What a joke BT is becoming...

I suggest you contact NeilO and get his help
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Re: Installation delay.. What a joke BT is becoming...

Hey @John46


I would have done that but having already spoken to 3 different managers all promising the same thing and the high level complaints department im left with nothing but to post here warning people not to choose BT as they cannot provide the service they promise.

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Re: Installation delay.. What a joke BT is becoming...

just check the post on here and you will see the good results the forum mods have and they do take personal ownership until fully resolved
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Re: Installation delay.. What a joke BT is becoming...

Hi 1234561,

I am pretty much the same boat.  Order placed around the same time, and getting nowhere with BT.


All my neighbours are connected, and I can see their broadcasting Wifi signals too.


People I speak to at BT arent giving me any real information, just that its down to sub-contractors and Openreach.   In fact BT recommended I speak to Openreach onsite.  Firstly this is nuts because they do not deal with home customers, and secondly why should I have to chase this - BT SHOULD KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON !


Anyway I did speak with the Openreach guys, and their reply - "We thought all these homes were connected".  


So there you go.


Would be interested to know how your connection progresses....


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