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Installing BT Smart Hub 2 and Complete Wifi discs - Have some questions

I'm installing BT's 'complete wifi' setup tonight for my parents and just have a few burning questions:

  1. How does the Smart Hub 2 compare to other routers and is it a good setup with the discs?

  2. Is the disc to create a mesh or just 'slingshot' the wifi to other rooms?

  3. Is the disc better than a powerline wifi extender? (my parents get disconnects all the time with the powerlines so wonder if this is better for them)

  4. Can a second disc be added to extend the network to reach a blank spot? Does the second disc need to reach the router or can it grab the signal from the first disc?

  5. I've heard smart plugs have trouble with the SH2 because it forces you to combine SSIDs, is this true that the 2.4 and 5 channels cant be separated?

  6. Adding to the above, am i likely to encounter issues connecting smart plugs especially to the disc?

  7. I'm not sure what services were offered to my parents on the phone but how does the wifi to every room guarantee work? My parents have a very long L shaped house and its very likely the router and 1 disc arent going to cut it.  Do BT offer to send out a second disc if we report any blank spots?  How do we prove this?

Parent's house and the networking plan i have:

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Re: Installing BT Smart Hub 2 and Complete Wifi discs - Have some questions

Slightly different answer. First yes BT CW is a mesh system and adding more discs creates a larger mesh so improves coverage. You will notice if you use the app and move from room to room with your phone the discs hand off the connection from one disk to another. WiFi extenders simply can't do this and are the poor relation in this regard. However, something to consider - CW is a lock in device i.e. they can only be used with the Smarthub 2 and only on the BT network. I believe the smarter choice is BT Wholehome (the White Disks). You purchase these outright (unlike CW which you are basically renting) they work just as well as the black CW disks and can be used with any ISP. It doesn't take that long for them to pay for themselves if you factor in the rental costs of CW, which you will never own. Finally, Smart plugs work without any problems whatsoever.

Hope this assists.

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Re: Installing BT Smart Hub 2 and Complete Wifi discs - Have some questions

Appreciate the quick response, thank you.

Understand what you mean about different ISPs, fortunately my parents have just signed up to a new contract and will be with BT for the foreseeable future so dont need worry about that for now. 

Thats good news about them being that extenders and also connecting like a chain.  The house is such an odd shape that trying to get wifi to the other end of the house has been problematic.

I've just finished installing Unifi Access Points in my own house and it works wonders but really dont want to get that complex with my parents house (drilling ethernets through external stone walls etc!)

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Re: Installing BT Smart Hub 2 and Complete Wifi discs - Have some questions

The beauty of the BT systems is they work with a standard combined modem/router. A lot of people buy some of the other mesh systems without realising that unless their router works in “bridge mode” then the mesh won’t work. Even if they can get it to work they will have double NAT issues. The solution - a standalone modem. 

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