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Installing FTTP/Ordering BT Infinity

Will try to keep this a short as possible, but please bear with me... 🙂

My girlfriend and I moved into our new house last weekend, a new build property in a development that is yet to be finished.

Currently we do not have internet set up as we are still waiting for Openreach to come and finish their work. We are lucky enough to be having FTTP installed, so should get some fantastic speeds! 🙂

I've read on the BT site that there are two stages to installing FTTP, the first being installing a cable outside the house in the little grey box, then the second being a visit from an engineer to fit the modem and hub etc.

Our developers have gone to the trouble of already installing and feeding the cable from the front of the house into the cupboard under the stairs to save time, and Openreach are coming at the end of next week to connect it to the ground works and box it in. The cable will then be all ready, as far as i know, to connect to the modem straight away - someone correct me if i'm wrong please!

I'm wondering, as our developer has fed the cable into the cupboard under the stairs and Openreach are finishing what they need to do next week, whether or not we will actually require an engineer visit to set us up? If it's a simple case of plugging this cable into a modem, then setting up the hub, i'd have thought we could do this ourselves?

If this is the case, i was hoping i would be able to order my BT Infinity asap, even before Openreach finish their work next week, so that i can get us up and running as soon as.

Our address doesn't appear on BT's list as yet, obviously because Openreach haven't connected us to the network yet, but as we know we're getting FTTP, we are hoping BT would accept an order.

So, any help would be great please! Do will still need an engineer to visit? Can we place our order now and set everything up ourselves after Openreach are done?

Thanks in advance!

Ian 🙂
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Re: Installing FTTP/Ordering BT Infinity

Not sure why the developers have installed a cable from outside into the cupboard under the stairs as this should be a fibre tube
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Re: Installing FTTP/Ordering BT Infinity

Hi Dave, thanks for that. So guessing an engineer does have some work to then?

All we know is that all other properties along our road, which have FTTP too, have a grey box outside in the same place where our cable is.

Perhaps Openreach have more work to do than we thought...
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