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Installing FTTP to a house with blocked ducting

I'm lucky enough to be scheduled to get FTTP (once the floods in Devon subside), but I'm wondering how OR will get the fibre from the aggregation point (in a manhole on the edge of my lawn) to my house. It's about a 10m run but I know for a fact that my existing ducting carrying my landline is blocked so they can't use that. (The duct used to emerge in my garage but that has now been converted into dining room.)


Will OR lay some new ducting? If so is that part of the install or will I need to pay extra?


I've asked this question in the past, but hopefully now that FTTP installs are starting to happen, someone will know the answer or will have heard of a similar problem.

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Re: Installing FTTP to a house with blocked ducting

I believe a servey will come round and decide, they may decide to unblock the duct lay a new duct or bring it via dps.

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Re: Installing FTTP to a house with blocked ducting


You may well be charged as contractors on your behalf have damaged openreach property. The duct might have been moved free of charge whilst you had building works in progress.

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