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Interesting conundrum regarding phone extension

Some friends of mine (BT Customers) own a home and they want to run a new phone extension in to a room.


Now, the black drop wire comes in to the attic, where its connected to a standard white junction box, and then the line proceeds to an old style telecom master socket (the small one before NTE5s were introduced), and then to another telecom extension socket.


Now, traditionally I would advise that they wire any extension to their master socket, but as this socket does not have a removable face plate they would be stuck with using a plug in extension kit, which are of such poor quality I would never consider one for permanent use.


Am I right in thinking that they would be unable to simply connectd to the IDCs in the junction box and fit an NTE5 or other master style socket themselves, and would have to pay £130 for the privildge of getting an openreach engineer to do it for them?

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Re: Interesting conundrum regarding phone extension

Just connect the new extension into the LJU1/1a with an IDC tool..... Doesn't matter that it's not an NTE5a......

I wouldn't recommend swapping out the LJU1/1a for a non standard NTE5a because if an Openreach Engineer ever had to visit, say on a line fault he would have to change it to an NTE5a then raise a visit charge regardless of the original fault being somewhere else on the network..... Whereas if you leave it as a LJU1/1a then they would simply upgrade it as per quality standards and not raise a visit charge.....
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Re: Interesting conundrum regarding phone extension

Thanks. I've got all the kit for wiring IDCs, I just wasn't sure what the usual arrangement was for attaching proper (phone/cat5) wiring to one of those LJU1s (I've always managed to avoid them thus far)



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