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Interleaved / Fastpath


It's been almost 2 months since I had my DLM reset on my BT Infinity fibre connection. I have gone from 35Mb slowly down to 27399 and here it has been ever since. I was believed to understand that when it returns to fastpath it will get back up to speed.


Is this correct?

Can a mod change from Interleaved to Fastpath? and if so how?


Here are my line stats and DSL settings and wanted to know if all seems set correct or should any of the settings be altered?

I do get the odd 'internet access' loss and it drops for about 30 seconds then comes back online. Happens a couple a times a week.


Line Stats

TCM(Trellis Coded Modulation)OnOn       
SNR9.9 dB6.0 dB       
Line Attenuation17.7 dB1.6 dB       
Path ModeInterleavedFastPath       
Interleave Depth26711       
Data Rate27399 kbps7270 kbps       
MAX Rate52908 kbps7271 kbps       
POWER1.3 dbm1.9 dbm       
INP1.3 symbols2.3 symbols       
VDSL Band Status
Line Attenuation (dB)1.617.738.450.951.981.30-0
Signal Attenuation (dB)1.834.338.452.351.6-0-0
SNR Margin (dB)6.29.669.70-0-0
Common Settings        
DSL modulation
 Auto Sync Up
ANNEX Mode A/I/J/L/M        
Dynamic Line Adjustment (DLA) Enabled        
SRA (Seamless Rate Adaptation)
G.INP (G.998.4)
ADSL Settings        
Stability Adjustment
-4 dB
Rx AGC GAIN Adjustment
ESNP - Enhanced Sudden Noise Protection
VDSL Settings        
VDSL Profile
 17a Profile
Stability Adjustment
 SNR 9.8dB       
Tx Power Control
Rx AGC GAIN Adjustment
UPBO - Upstream Power Back Off
ESNP - Enhanced Sudden Noise Protection
G.vector (G.993.5) Disabled
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Re: Interleaved / Fastpath

In a word no .... only a BT Openreach broadband engineer can reset your Infinity connection and only after a line repair, that is BTo policy. There is significant error correction on the downstream path which is slowing it down a little, allbeit clearly it needs it. INP and fairly deep interleave are enabled and associated increase in margin for SNR. If it's a passive thing and temporary it may go up on its own, after time .... if not, it'll just stabilise to where it runs consistently. That's what it's designed to do. If it's within BT thresholds for performance .... it's what you get, if it falls out of them, it becomes a line repair issue.
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