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Intermittent Deep Sleep Problem

I have my You View box set to smart mode and deep sleep set for 11pm to 9am.   Most of the time this works with no problem but a few times recently the box has not come out of deep sleep.  The box is showing a bright red light and any recordings set for a time when the box should have been awake have failed.

To correct this I have to switch off the power at the wall socket, wait 30 secs and switch on again, when the box then goes through a waking up pattern.

Is there a way of correcting this?  How much power am I saving by going into deep sleep, rather than staying 'awake'?

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Re: Intermittent Deep Sleep Problem

I use to have that problem too on my old box - before it was swapped with a 4K box.

Fibre 2 Unlimited using BT Hub 6A with BT TV Box Pro (UHD/HDR).
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