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Re: Intermittent dial out problem.

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Although this thread is old maybe you can also help me. I have exactly the same problem as david00 and have done the testing using the test socket.

Incoming calls are not affected and my fibre broadband works fine (76Mbps) even when I am having the dial out problem

I am getting nowhere with BT as although I eventually managed to get it logged as a fault, despite a normal line test showing no problem, on my account it shows fault ongoing and expected to be fixed 3 days ago. I have had no contact from BT since logging the fault last Monday and if I try phoning for an update they start the whole process again doing a normal line test.

I originally posted this problem about 10 days ago and it was suggested that

"there are possibly two areas of suspicion , the exchange line card, or the broadband port your line uses (even if the broadband performance isn't affected)..these issues won't show up on a 'line test' "

Please help if you can

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Re: Intermittent dial out problem.

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You already have an active thread about this here.


Please can you update that one, and not post on an exising thread.



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