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Intermittent dropped packets (for around 2-3 second at a time)

Hi there,


We're on what they named 'Sub-fibre', fastest interntet available to us. This is using a BT HomeHub3. Please see the screenshot below (with awesome snipping tool writing).




The connection over wireless is consistent (however there is an issue with this too; it will be 2-4ms while inactive but when gaming it tends to also intermittently rise to 500-900ms for seconds at a time), but as you can see on the right I'm dropping packets and then going straight back to normal. This doesn't seem to have a pattern to it, but it happens very often. It is strange because only one packet load at a time is affected, and the speed is always fine when they are delivered. 


The HomeHub is connected to a BT OpenReach router plugged into the wall fixture. There is other WiFi in the area but it is uncontested on Channel 6 other than the BTWifi which I don't seem to be able to opt out of.... 



TL:DR - I'm getting dropped big packet loss out to the internet, and when I game my router slows right down. 


I apologise not coming pre-prepared with cabled screenshots but NO ONE MAKES LAPTOPS WITH ETHERNET SLOTS ANY MORE!



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Re: Intermittent dropped packets (for around 2-3 second at a time)

Plenty of laptops come with Ethernet.

Without traceroutes over Ethernet, we can do no more than suspect it's the wireless connectivity.

Regarding the google DNS server pings, if it's busy, it will ignore icmp packets.
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Re: Intermittent dropped packets (for around 2-3 second at a time)

For about £3 you can get a usb to ethernet adapter from a well known auction site.

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Re: Intermittent dropped packets (for around 2-3 second at a time)

We are a business and having the same problem on Infinity Fibre. All of Google's servers are dropping packets every so often. I contacted BT who are blaming Google.

I asked the BT adviser to try a CMD>PING and he said he gets dropped packets too.

Surely someone at BT has a direct line (being a major ISP) to someone at Google to resolve this!!!


FYI: This has been going on for a few days now. 


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