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Internet Access is Paused

I have been having a terrible time this past few days with my Whole Home Wifi. I have three disks about 18 months old I guess.

Recently wifi just cust out, you'll still be connected to the wifi network but there is no internet. I thought it was my ISP or router but all ethernet conected devices are fine.

On some macs a pop up appears saying the internet is paused. I certainly have not instigated this, but when I open the app it just says there is no internet and there is a pointless toruble shooter.

In a bid to fix it, I have factory reset all the disks today and set it all back up and it was fine for arounds 2 hours, and now sure enough, its fallen over again.

I swapped out ethernet leads and everything (all the disks connect via ethernet)


Before I bin these products and get something else, is there anything else I can try? Laptops are telling me internet is paused, the app is telling me there is no internet, my ethernet devices are telling me everythig is fine.

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Re: Internet Access is Paused

Hi @garethsnaim, sorry you're having problems.

Few things to try:

  • Make sure all your discs have the latest firmware 1.02.06 Build 12
  • I know you say you've already factory resetted the discs, but just in case, can you also try the "Reset Device List" option (red button at bottom of Devices tab on the App). It could be that your device list is still muddled up
  • If all that still fails, contact the helpdesk on 0808 100 6116 or email

Hope this helps.