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Internet Connection Drop Outs when remote administration is blocked

I did not want to trouble anyone here if I thought it unnecessary but now I feel that I do need some assistance so this warrants opening a new thread.


BT Infinity Option 2 customer with BT HH 4 and its separate modem - not hacked so cannot read any useful information or login to see what is going on and both BT and the manufacturer long ago removed the open source code of the modem.


I am quite confident now that these disconnections happen when a remote server/attacker attempts to gain access to my network. These can be from China, Iran and other places too. Sometimes Ministry of Defence? I don't know why I get these connection attempts and most of the time I see BT HH 4 does block these so why I get disconnected I have no idea?


I made a post in an old thread before opening this thread and said it was due to firmware upgrade but I misread the date! It was not updated since the 8th of May I think. These disconnections have been happening only this past 4-7 days with the most 4 days with intensity greater than the 3 before. I am not 100% certain it is caused by the remote administration that is blocked.


What happens when this takes place is the BT servers are then unreachable sometimes and I cannot regain a connection for up to 3 hours at a time, usually it is 5-10 mins max though. Without looking at my event log, any ideas?


I want to get different gear now and never wanted to use BT equipment anyway because I want greater control and options to configure. I would like to go with DD-WRT or OpenWRT Router with Integrated VDSL v2 modem. Anyone here that may suggest one that supports either of these open firmwares? Not so much the concern to prevent any security holes or backdoors but just as much if not more for versatility and configuration and just having control over my network. being able to do upgrades when I want and not when my ISP decides needs doing. And before you say BT do not have backdoors then why would they admit they can remote login to devices and storage contents with their pwerline adapters even. I remember reading a news article quoting BT as admiting this. Anyway, that is not my main concern here, as much as privacy and security is not a crime it is rather rare online. First I need to get to the root cause of this.


BT HH 4 is not reporting any DDOS attacks and even if it were I would not expect to experience any disconnection. I used to get tons of floods from DDOS attacks years ago when using Netgear routers and never exeprienced any downtime, but that was with another ISP. I don't detect any malware or anything like that and rarely download anything on this machine, I know web browsing can infect a system but I don't think that is it.


I want to go back to how I used to do things. Any help with this is appreciated. I will need to get my router login details because I was never given those when I singed up with BT Infinity Option 2. I don't even know what my BT email is but do believe there is a way to recover that under my account. **In the past we have had intermittent connection drops and loss of sync but this is not the same right now.



** Just to clarify that was before we upgraded to BT Infinity Opt 2. This is the first time any probs with this service since upgrade and that must be about 6 months or more now.



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Re: Internet Connection Drop Outs when remote administration is blocked

When running BT HH diagnostic it printed out that the username for login had changed and needed resetting or for me to enter my own in that I was NOT given! Anyway, when going to select manual reset it had not changed from default at all so I think this is just some default BT diagnostic that is false. I realise that other BT customers are affected by this with the BT HH5 but mine is posting probably isn't as clear right now as I have not slept as much past few nights trying to figure this out. This is happening at different times of the day but more often during early hours.


So I am getting these WGET TLS error(s)


How do I enter in log excerpt from BT HH? Forums says my post exceeds 20K chars...

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