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Internet Lag Spikes

Every day, my internet has massive lag spikes and nothing will work, my online session would crash, and nothing would load due to this lag spike. I know I live in a rural area and we don't expect amazing speeds, but I really need a solution to this problem and these lag spikes last up to 10 minutes and are quite regular. I am asking for a fix as we expect the 'garunteed' 7 mb/s for our area, and not only do we not get 7 mb/s, but it is too slow to use half the time!

Sorry if this paste table doesnt look right, I'm on my phone

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 4128 kbps 448 kbps
Line Attenuation 36.0 db 15.0 db
Noise Margin 12.2 db 24.0 db

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Re: Internet Lag Spikes

Hi Welcome to the community forums
Here is a basic guide to getting help from the community members done by CL Keith Please read through the link posted
once you have posted the information asked for then the community members can help you more

if using a hub 4 locate these lines located in the hub logs
Lines should look like this
19:11:29, 07 Nov. (2290101.460000) DSL noise margin: 7.00 dB upstream, 6.10 dB downstream
19:11:29, 07 Nov. (2290101.390000) DSL line rate: 448 Kbps upstream, 288 Kbps downstream

Thank You
This is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators
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Re: Internet Lag Spikes

speeds are not sold as guaranteed speeds by any ISP they are sold as up to speeds
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