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Internet connection frequent dropping problem....BT is not sorting out!

I am having a serious problem of Internet connection line dropping frequently anything in a frequency of 1/2 an hour to 3 hours. I have reported the problem to Customer care more than 25-30 times in last 2 months. Everytime I call, it is a waste of 1/2 an hour to explain the problem to standard questions. Customers time has no value. After many arguments, an engineer visited the home and after checking told that problem with exchange and were told that some one will call back in 24 hours. Month passed no one called. Again several times called customer care and everyone gives same promise of solving the problem but nothing has happened. Money is siphoned off promptly for the useless service. What is the way out to come out of BT contract? I have been a customer for past 4 hours and now I am fed up with the service I am getting.

Even I gave a written complaint and again that was sent to customer service and result is back to square one.

Any one know where to complain this now?

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Re: Internet connection frequent dropping problem....BT is not sorting out!

Try to sort out your connection first by


enter for homehub in browser click A to Z top right
then ADSL enter pas and click MORE DETAIL


Also post results of test at ( best done from master test socket)



Have you tried a quite line test
dial 17070 option 2 and listen - should hear nothing
best done with old type analogue phone digital will do but may have slight hiss

do not use home hub phone



and read here



The best result is oft from this forum and if that fails then advice on what to do next will follow


I like the Smiley Very Happy cutomer for four hours as in your post

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me