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Internet dropping

I have BT solely for the internet, as I have over the last year spent a small fortune on creating a smart home and thought BT was suppossed to be one of the best long lasting reliable internet companies. How wrong. My router is in an extension (where the port was when we moved in) and on signing up with BT hoped for an Ed ngineer to come out and put a new socket in within my original house. Instead you get sent a self instalation kit. Its all set up right, engineers have been out to fix connection issues multiple times. The issue is the connection even though its smart hub6 fails to reach upstairs. I have been sent adapters to boost wifi upstairs but they just dont work. My connection constantly drops, but weirdly it will drop on the odd smart device or laptop, but stay connected on my mobile. The app always says my services are fine. Some mornings and nights its a battle to turn to lights on or heating eith voice or app as alexa has dusconnected from the internet, or the smart device has and alexa hasn't. Ive had issues with my connection dropping for almost 2-3 years. Customer services speak basic English and are of no help at all. Ive spent weeks before now having to phone and use live chat to get help only to be sent round in circles and nothing to get resolved. Some times i just give up trying to fix my internet and connect to next doors wifi which is slow because of the distance but reliable.
Sorry for the long explanation, but to conclude my question:
How can i get my internet to stop dropping cinnection, but stsy connected with other devices? Also is there anything compatible with BT (as their owm don't work) that can boost wifi to upstairs? I was thinking of buying eifi extender plug sockets, but dont want to waste money and faff installing them for my unrelianle connection not to work.
3 times ive wrote this now, starting to get angry with how BT works. Its that bad it makes you want to give up with you're query.
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Re: Internet dropping

Welcome to this user forum.

Most disconnections are cause by line noise or high resistance connections.

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

If the home hub lights are not changing colour when you get the disconnects, then it may simply be an issue with the home hub.

With so many smart devices, you may be better using your own router instead of the basic home hub, as wireless issue with the home hub seem quite common.

The BT shop has a number of product for a connected home, but I am not sure how effective they are.

I would try a factory reset of the home hub first.

It sound like a similar issue to the one my daughter had in her house, when using a home hub 6.

I changed the router for a third party one costing about £40, and the wireless disconnection  issues stopped. That may be worth a try.

Wireless extenders are a waste of time and money, and they can make the problem worse.

This post may be of interest

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Re: Internet dropping

before buying a 3rd party router it would help whichever router you have for the master socket to be more central in your home rather than in an extension  Openreach may be expensive to make the change of position but you could try a local telecom engineer who would be cheaper

with the hub have you split the networks

have you tried changing the wireless channel from auto to a fixed channel both 2.4/5ghz

I use a hh6 and compared it against a Tplink VR2600 with 4 external aerials and in my home the hub gave better  overall coverage than the then top of range tplink

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Re: Internet dropping

Thanks for the reply. I have splut the conection in the past but had to reset router setting once while dealing with bt engineer over previous internett issues. Ive also tried getting them to relocate the socket to a central room 8n my house but they didnt understand what i was explaining. Ive even tried online live chat to put it into words for them but like i said their english is basic. Think im going to bite the bullet and leave bt as of today we have no working smart lights in the house and the security cameras, wired powerline plugs to tvs have all disconnected. Becoming a daily routine having to reset everything and set back up. Im going to try EE as they seem to have a good connection in homes on my street. I might first try and get the socket relocated with a local engineer rather than a bt one. Thank you.
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Re: Internet dropping

Thank you for the reply, but think im going to be leaving bt as the service is just terrible. Everythings disconnected again this morning after there was a powercut. Some stuff automatically reconnected others cant connect to the wifi. Daily routine is fixing the internet to work properly. Fed up. Customer service keeps closing the reported issues straight away after fixing it for that day. Then the next day its broke again. I might try another router, but seriously think it'd be easier to just leave and get a different company to come and set me up with a new socket and set my internet up right.
Thanks for you're reply though.
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Re: Internet dropping

if you already have FTTC then moving ISP will just be the same connection but different router  as it is openreach engineers for all ISPs apart from virgin then it will be self instal with no engineer visit

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Re: Internet dropping

If its an issue with the line, then changing providers will not help, as it will still be the same pair of wires that they use.

My personal opinion, based on other reports on this forum regarding smart devices, is that is a home hub issue.

Trying a different router would prove what the issue is. You can get a TP-Link TD-W9970 locally if you are near a main town. They cost about £40  (Argos) or less, and most places will allow you to return it if it does not fix the problem.

Reports from other forum members, have confirmed that it solves the wireless disconnect issue.

Is going to be a lot less hassle than changing provider, and the possible loss of service  that would incur.



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Re: Internet dropping

I'll be honest i didnt understand you're comment, ss im not really clued up on tech lingo, i have no idea what FTTC and ISP's are.
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Re: Internet dropping

See Technical Glossary - Look here for an explanation of broadband terms.

ISP = Internet Service Provider.

FTTC= Fibre To The Cabinet.

You seem to have manged to setup all your smart devices, so you must have a bit of knowledge.

Personally, I cannot see the point of smart devices, but its probably down to my age. I like a simple on/off switch, works 100% of the time Smiley Wink