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Internet keeps dropping

I have a Superfast Fibre Unlimited subscription alongside a BT landline contract. We recently switched over to BT internet from Sky, who we were with for around 6 years.

Our new contract with BT started on the 15th January - since then we've had constant problems and issues. For the first couple days, the internet worked fine - then on the 20th of January it stopped working all of a sudden. Engineer came out a couple days later, fixed it and all was fine for 2 days. Then same issue - no connection to the internet, blinking orange light on the router. This time the customer service people diagnosed a fault with the external wiring. Engineer comes out again, fixed the external issue and replaced our router too with a upgraded version - it's one of the ultrafast ones instead of the one BT had sent.

Since then, it's been good - easy connection and no issues. This Thursday however, the connection started dropping every half hour or so. It drops for around 2-3 minutes around twice a hour. The light on the router changes from blue to flashing orange, then turns back to blue by itself a couple minutes later with no restarting or troubleshooting. It's quite annoying and completely random. We've talked to the people at BT, they said they had refreshed our connection, whatever that means, and if it was still occuring tomorrow to let them know and a engineer would come out. It's been happening all day today too so it's probably going to be a waiting game for the next engineer to come out after talking to them tomorrow.

My questions are:
1. Is there anything I can do apart from waiting for a engineer to come out in a couple days? I'm reasonably tech literate so should be able to do anything you guys think will be helpful.
2. I leave my router on in the night - with my old sky router I'd have to switch it off in the night or it would get quite hot and slow. Is this something I should be doing for my BT router too?
3. Is this usual for BT? I only heard good things about BT internet prior to buying it from people who live close to me (Hackney Area), but this is the third major issue I've had in less then a month.
4. Can I claim compensation from BT? We've had outages of 3-4 days during this month alone.

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Re: Internet keeps dropping

Welcome to this user forum.

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

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Re: Internet keeps dropping

Tried this, yes, no sound or noise between announcements.
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Re: Internet keeps dropping

It could be an internal wiring issue, or a faulty home hub.

Can you connect things up as shown below, and leave it for a day, and see if you still get the disconnections?


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Re: Internet keeps dropping

Ok, will try this tomorrow morning - is there a reason why this will make a difference?

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Re: Internet keeps dropping

Its to eliminate any issues with your internal wiring.

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Re: Internet keeps dropping

Tried this - appears the engineer that came last time replaced our old.soclet with a new openreach 5C socket and this one doesn't appear to have a test socket.
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Re: Internet keeps dropping



The faceplate just clips on.

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Re: Internet keeps dropping

Also make sure that if you do have any extension sockets, that they are wired into that blue connector on the left.

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