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Internet takes hours/a day to connect

We upgraded to faster fibre optic (FTTC) around a month ago. Prior to this, our internet connection was stable yet very slow (0.7mbs) due to being 3km from the cabinet in a rural area. BT and several engineers told us they were confident we could reach 4mbs as a guaranteed minimum.


Despite being sceptical we signed up to their offer. After being connected to fibre optic and setting up Hub 5, it took several hours to connect, which we assumed was normal for the first 10 days. Speeds were much better but not what was promised, reaching 2.5mbs. 


However, the problem we now face is that the hub frequently loses connection and speeds have been falling somewhat (0.8-1.9mb) in the last week in particular. The most irritating matter is how long is takes for the hub to find a suitable connection, taking up to 36 hours on some occasions, after which the connection will only last 2-5 hours!


I have tried the usual fixes, rebooting, hard resets, trying a different hub and modem, to no luck. Engineers have checked our internal wiring and fitted new master sockets, there has been no improvement.


I tried a line test and on a cordless phone there was only a very soft and low hum, presumably the norm. Regarding the hub details, this is what I got from our last connection:


Data Rate: 795/1999

Noise Margin: 14.3/6.6

Line Attenuation: 33.6/36.7

Signal Attenuation: 20.7/57.7


Are there any solutions? 


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Re: Internet takes hours/a day to connect

can you post the helpdesk page from your hub
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