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Re: Introduce yourself!

Hi CG!


Thanks for dropping by.


Don't worry about the picture - it's completely optional and fine to remain anonymous picture-wise! 🙂  It's great just to see you saying Hi on this thread.


I haven't watched Frasier in ages, good programme though! Niles's I can't remember her name... aaah that's bugging me.  What was it again? Or are we not meant to know her name? 



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Re: Introduce yourself!

It's good to see BT embrace social media.



I herd u liek

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Well after getting over the shock, I thought I'd put finger to keyboard.

About me:
I was born as a baby and grew into a child.
From a child I grew into a teenager, then into my twenties and so on.
My age bracket is between 35 and 105. So I may be younger or older than you think.
I became a BT BB customer in Feb09.
Not long after joining I stumbled on the BT beta forums.
On that forum I learned so much very quickly and for those that helped me you don't realise how grateful I am.
I used my real name on there (or did I?) and then changed it to DS after finding out that I could.
Some may know the real me and some may not.
I made some very good friends on there and most appear to have continued on here.
I had to think long and hard on whether to continue to use DS as my id or choose another when the BTCCF fired in to life. I guess you can tell which one I went for?

I tend to help out on here with problems that I've already had. And yes I still have problems!!
There are many more knowledgeable members on here whose experience exceeds mine so I leave them to it.
You may notice which members answer the most on each forum section.

I try to be friendly on here.
I also try to have a bit of a laugh and a joke.

Oh and lastly the only picture that I could find that looks like me is.......

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Welcome guar gum from sydeny. Funnily enough I was born in Sydney which some might not realise is an anagram of sydeny. Fascinating information about guar gum. I see Kerry edited your post; I wonder if she feared some bits might be boring.


Anyway, a little soupspoon of information about me: I've been with BT longer than most of you. I sometimes sail very close to the wind on these forums.....


Hmmm.... ah yes, I have to endure a cat in the home called Beef. She was foisted on me by the rest of the family without a by-your-leave, and guess who has to clean the litter tray out? Yup, me, Pash. She's a very boring cat that moans much of the time when she's not sleeping, and I find guar gum far more interesting than her.


Anyway I hope the dental practice is going well there in sydeny guar gum.

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Thanks Shizoor! Hope you see more of you on our community... like the little creature thingy you've added  too Smiley Very Happy Bian

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Re: Introduce yourself!

DS - what a great pic and story. Seriously though, thanks so much for all the help and contribution you've made to our community and we look forward to more of it. If there's things you think we can do to help our contributors become more prominent and knowledgeable please let us know via Kerry. We're always looking for ideas on how to grow and help the community become a thriving place for BT customers! Thanks again. Bian

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Re: Introduce yourself!

I suppose that I introduce myself indeed...


Well first I joined this forum because I just like to express my feelings on how I was poorly treated by BT and hoping to find help to solve some issues that I am having with your company. I basically like to complain on a few problems so hopefully that some BT forum members accept me for my ways indeed. I am here to let everyone know how disgusted I am with BT.




Anthony Wake.

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Re: Introduce yourself!



I've been a BT broadband customer for a long time; I have a btopenworld primary acct. Overall I've been very happy with BT, and I find these forums a welcome addition and good source of info. I like to keep current. I was a forum manager for 4 forums on an IP called Compuserve for many years ... until AOL bought them out and turned the service into an flashy, unintelligent, adolescent vacuum.


My username is a Danish word; I am married; I have two sons (one a Lt Comm in the Navy, the other is a teacher); I have two grandchildren; a Springer Spaniel named Molly; I am a keen cook; I love long drives in the countryside on a sunny day.


It's nice to meet to you all.

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Hi guys ...


OOhh  it's posh in here .....  and leather couch as well !


Makes a nice change from the normal forum ... and I love that pic that DS put on his post, always thought you were a bit scary mate! ..... only joking, but you know that.

Me? .... well I've been around computers and internet since God was a lad .... I remember using a bulletin board called Micronet, before the internet as we know it was born .... so I've worn out a keyboard or two.

I'm amongst the elder members of the forum I guess .... and been around for over 2 generations with the life experience to match the timescale.

I played in a rock band and tried my hand at rallysport in my younger days ... now I take the dog for a walk and prune the roses!

Talking of dogs, it's Mollie's feeding time ..... a Munsterlander with a huge appetite, and an attitude when she's hungry! ..... I'd best go and feed her .... catcha y'all later.

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Roger. it's not a leather couch you're sitting on! It's my knee!!Smiley SurprisedSmiley WinkSmiley Very Happy

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