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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

There is no such thing as "Customer Loyalty". This applies both ways. There is only a customer. Either a customer who moves annually because of the price offered to a new customer by another ISP  or the customer through inertia that does not bother to move regardless of the price. 

From BT's and other ISP's point of view they know that the vast majority of customers do not move because of the price  or a price rise and for every one that does move there is a new one coming along because of the incentive offered by the ISP to new customers.

If that was not the case you can bet that the bean counters would ensure that the incentive to stay would  match if not exceed the incentive to become a new customer.

You would appear to be in the latter camp and do not move regardless of the the price. If you are doing this out of "loyalty" to BT perhaps you should look at what you mean and expect from this "loyalty" because as far as I can see it means nothing to BT or any of the other ISPs.

This also applies to Insurance, Energy and many other companies. You owe them nothing as regards "loyalty". All they want is your money.   


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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

@gg30340   I guess you are right.


i change my car insurance and electric every year... & there is no loyalty bonus. 


My comments were were tempered towards the opening letter from bt in this forum 


been complaining for weeks, going on a year, finally got an offer this afternoon still above others but close by.. this offer made 6 hours after being told to get stuffed .....   my only anxiety is this... if I change to one of the others I won’t have to go thru this nonsense every 12 months as some now offer no increase type packages..    

its now down to me.. but confidence badly damaged. You are right there is no,loyalty from them so I shouldn’t expect it.


thanks for the comment 


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