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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

Hi @ChrisB

I think your point is more about why doesn't anytime calls include all mobile calls rather than about BT Plus.


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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

No not quite what I'm saying. BT Plus is meant to bring mobiles and broadband/landlines together so effectively your mobile contract should run on your landline.

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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

How many people here have changed from Infinity 1 (as Infinity 2 wasn't available due to your line speed) to Fibre Plus? I'm interested to know if people have seen their download speed drop, and has it gone back up to their previous contract speed? Thanks

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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

I changed over a month ago, seduced by the huge increase in download speeds apparently promised. There has been no increase in my speeds and queries to BT elicit just waffle.

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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

I'm talking about speeds dropping. BT told me Plus puts you on the Infinity 2 package, but was told I could never get that on my original contract. An engineer said I may have been mis-sold the package as it isn't suitable for my line but I can't get a straight answer from the support desk
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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

You can only get the speed your line is capable of supporting, if it was below the Infinity1 cap removing that cap isn't going to make a jot of difference.

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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

It is very hard to understand what the pupose of this is, apart from changing the names of things and bewildering people about prices.  I get 63Mb download, all day and every day and am very satisfied.  I've learned to ignore BT offers.

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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

Another attempt by BT to mislead the gullible.

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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

@gspearson that's nice @hyper01 not helpful
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Re: Introducing BT Plus!

 This offer must come with a health warning....


I currently have a speed of three, providing the wind is in the right direction. 


We we have been threatened with fibre for about 5 years, and will be arriving in the next couple of months 


so trying to nail down my prices....


for my miserable 3mbs I am being forced to pay 37.00 per month. Going up to 40.00 per month. 

In view of the fact that we will be on fibre shortly, then I must take into account their fibre prices and they see a shocking 50/60 plus per month ... discounted for the first contract period to £30.00 ish 


so so I have to compare with other offers... for fibre all the main players are sub 30.00 and some near 20.00


BT please tell me in words of one syllable, why should anyone consider putting all the eggs in one basket /mobile.... for a fairly stiff price with the only promise that it will go up in price...after an introductory period. 

This type of marketing is the Pitts... it’s the same as a store advertising prices of “up to” 50 %  off... you end up not trusting the store.This is really unimaginative & poor quality marketing


Im trying very hard to get my prices sorted out... but I’m getting nowhere... so why should I spend hours on the subject every 18  months?    BT need to know some really big players are offering no price increases post the initial period.. ie what you see is what you get... 


I’m loyal to BT... BUT I’m pretty sure I’m getting this completely  wrong and my loyalty is misplaced. BT are gouging my price and seem to want to carry on doing so when we get fibre.