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Re: Setting up BT Whole Home Wi-Fi 6

Hi @orientboy 

If you plug in your first Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 disc and connect to your router with Ethernet, then connect your iPhone to it and relaunch the app, you will find that the app should detect it has connected to a new network and allow you to proceed with installation.

Then you can switch between the old network and new network with the app if you need to, just connect your Wi-Fi to the one you wish to manage.



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Re: Setting up BT Whole Home Wi-Fi 6

I removed and reinstalled the App and it went OK
so far they are good
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Re: Introducing BT Whole Home Wi-Fi 6

Any idea when Complete Wi-if Discs will be made Wi-Fi 6 compatible - either through a hardware upgrade or firmware update?  Additionally, there was talk earlier in the year about a smarthub 3 that would be wifi 6 enabled.  Any news relating to that also.  Thanks in advance.

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