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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT


Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to let you all know about a new addition to BT Plus.  From today BT will now be offering Complete Wi-Fi, which comes with a complete Wi-Fi guarantee and our latest generation of Smart Hub.

What does it cost?

Complete Wi-Fi is only available with BT Plus. If you’re a Plus customer, you can get Complete Wi-Fi for just £5 more a month. Not a Plus customer? We’ve got personalised offers for our existing broadband customers which means you can upgrade to Plus with Complete Wi-Fi and not pay more than new customers. New customers can get Plus with Complete Wi-Fi for £59.99 a month.

To find out more or to place an order for this exciting new promotion please visit, Complete Wi-Fi

What does everyone think? 

We are very keen on your feedback and if you have any questions that are not covered in our FAQ section please post here and we will try and get you the answers for you



It appears the price has increased? My offer states that I will need to pay extra £7 pm now. 

Monthly prices and one off payments:

  • £7.00 more per month than your current broadband package, then £63.99 from month 19
  • £0 activation
  • 18 month contract


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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

I am new on here but am really trying to get to grips with BT complete wifi. We have recently got fibre to the home - hurrah a vast improvement on the 3-5mbs download speeds we were getting.  As we live in an old house with thick stone walls thought complete wifi was essential - previously used a series of hotpspots whichwere ok but not brilliant.

I am running 3 discs around the house and here is the problem - all discs are glowing blue - stand by the router and I get pseeds of circa 70mbs. Move away into a room with a discs and immediately I am donwn to 4/5mbs.  Surely this cannot be correct?  I seem to have spent endless hours talking to BT and still to no avail.  I am losing the will to live with this now so hopefully someone here can help me please.

IMO so far as for whole home great wifi I am yet to be convinced and bitterly disappointed anf frustrated with the whole experience.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

I had a similar problem and the team from BT who look after this forum have been fantastic and have got mine working by introducing a fix remotely. Stay tuned they will get in touch.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Hi Luke, I have the same problem in that I had SkyQ installed on 6/4/19 and ever since the sky connection keeps dropping out - on both mine and multi room. The engineer came back yesterday and showed me that ~Sky advises customers to contact BT for the solution (something on the hub settings?). Do you know best department to start with? I wonder  if it is also why i cannot connect my new wireless printer - says it is a problem with the Hub.


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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Hi @stpjg01  and @TheRod  sorry you are having problems with your Complete wifi package. I've sent you a Private message explaining how you can contact the forum moderation team and we will be happy to help you.
Check here:


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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Your lucky, mines gone up from £56 a month for phone, landline old hub, then I got a new hub and one disc and it's now £90 a month when I had worked it out to be mid £60's. F knows why but I'll wait another month to see what I'm getting charged. Oh they say you get unlimited wifi, but I like to watch the iplayer on my smart tv and I bet that's why it's gone up. Take note of all bills to see what you get charged.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

@stpjg01 As a first step (if you haven’t already) turn off Smart Setup in the router configuration pages to see if that helps.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

So I currently have a home hub 6 (with wifi disabled) and 3 BT Whole Home disks which works quite well (multiple disks are very much needed for our house because it's all concrete walls) and reinforced concrete between floors. As I understand it, you can get extra disks if required so that's fine.

I currently use Ethernet Backhaul for connecting the disks together because I have gigabit ethernet wired to every room in the house and this means the disks can communicate at full data rates and free from interference. Is this functionality leveraged in these disks as well or is the ethernet port only for configuration?

Also, I assume the BT smart hub an additional WiFi source which is extended by the disk? I.e. It's a single mesh network across both (because that irritated me about the previous setup).

Also is wall mounting any better? BT Whole Home disks had the option to wall mount but because you couldn't remove the stand, it looked super weird.

The other BT Whole Home specific functionality I don't really use (guest networks etc).

Trying to figure out if this product is worth the upgrade. I've only had the previous disks 18 months and they were fairly pricey, but if there's sufficient value, I'll happily upgrade.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Hi @fquinner 

My advice is if it works don't try to fix it Smiley Happy

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

The weirdest thing about wall hanging the discs is the bloody power lead that sticks out about 3 inches behind them. You'd think they'd have put "bent" powerleadsin the damned boxes!!!!!!
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