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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Well, a power cycle has resulted in a "Good" connection between Smart Hub & Disc, but no devices are connected to it, everything is linked to the hub.

Time to try the out the help on this methinks, I don't want to continue paying £5 a month for extra WiFi coverage that nothing connects too. 

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Hi @stereohaven 

I would be inclined to try a factory reset on both the Hub and disk and set it up as new again. I have had the SH2 and Disc for approaching a year now and my mobile devices always connect to the nearest point, Hub or Disc as I move around the house. iPhone XS, iPad Pro and Dell Laptop.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

I’ll give that a go. 👍

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Hi I want to buy a disk independently as I already have a smart hub 2. There is one I have seen it’s black with the new BT logo on it (bt in a circle) but I’m not sure if this is the complete Wi-fi version of the whole home version.
I need the complete Wi-fi version otherwise it won’t work with smart hub 2. I am assuming it’s the complete Wi-fi one as it’s black and the whole home ones are white? 
My only doubt is because it has the new logo on it so I’m not sure.
anyone know? 

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Hi @FC12 welcome to the community and thanks for posting the BT shop stock standalone disc's without the requirement of a complete wifi subscription. You're correct the black discs are for complete wifi and the white ones are whole home wifi. The link I posted shows you what they look like.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

I still don’t understand why BT seem to refuse to add a guest network to their contracted homehub equipment. Even though they have it on the standalone whole home hardware?

At the end of the day what’s the advantage , if any, on buying the contracted compete home offering for £5 extra a month, if I can buy whole home with the bonus of a guest network. Apart from up front cost of course.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

I just set up a new disk without signing up the complete Wi-fi. I already had a smart hub 2 so I just bought 1 black disc. Works great, I’ve split all my devices evenly between the hub and the disc and it’s made a massive difference. Finally that pesky amazon fire stick that’s always had week signal upstairs has now got very good signal due to the disk upstairs too! And didn’t need to bother adding an extra £5 on my bill. Of course other people’s situations may differ....

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Thanks for the reply. I assume you can’t buy one white, which is why you suggested the one black (without sign in) ?

Still don’t u sweat and he difference between the two(white and black? ) apart from upfront cost.

also why no guest on black ones ? 

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Correct I don’t believe you can use the white ones with the smart hub 2, hence why I bought a black one. Good question regarding no guest , that would be a great feature that should be considered! 

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Hi All

Thanks @Keith_Beddoe for adding me

A Black disc will work with a Smart Hub 2 - they're only available on BT Shop

We'd normally recommend upgrading to Halo with Complete Wi-Fi - it helps you spread the cost but more importantly you'll also get more tech support and a range of additional features (Double Data for Mobile, Keep Connected Promise, Home Tech Experts, Price Promise etc...)

... Clearly if you're good with Tech 🙂 ... we're also happy for you to set it up yourself.  Great to hear it's working well!

Re: features like Guest Wi-Fi - we've prioritised some other features in the Complete Wi-Fi development to ensure that we're able to help serve our customers better delivering Wi-Fi in every room first and wi-fi controls.  Good to see there's interest in the Guest network features too.  Cheers

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