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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

I have Smart Hub 2 and the black Complete WiFi disks which are working. However when I try to use the BT app to Add New Disc to check for a location it always comes back saying cannot find hub or discs.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Obvious if daft question, Wi-Fi is enabled on your phone isn't it 🤔

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

... is there another WiFi network that your phone is connected to? If it isn’t connected to the BT network you’ll not see the router or disks via the app. 

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

As I said earlier this year on another thread, the My BT app works fine on my Samsung tablet but not on my Samsung phone. After the latest update, in addition to the disc location scan and WiFi signal check still not working, the app now tells me that one of my discs is 'not connected'. It is and has an excellent connection!

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Thanks for the replies.

I am using an iPhone which is connected to the correct wifi network

so tried it on an iPad and it worked.

deleted My BT app from iPhone and it reinstalled and it still failed. Deleted app again, restarted iPhone, installed MyBT app and it worked.


Problem solved.

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

I currently have whole home (3 white discs) used with my providers (B4RN) router. I am moving house and will probably go fur BT Full Fibre. With HomeHub2, will I need to switch off the built in WiFi to use the Whole Home mesh system? 

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT


This thread relates to the BT Complete Wifi Package which uses the smart hub 2 and the black discs.

I assume you are going to be used your existing white discs? They are incompatible with the black discs and cannot be used on the same network.

If you want to ask about using the white Whole Home discs, then you will need to start a new thread, on the BT Devices board.


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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

Thanks Keith, I'll do that.
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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT

I have a strange problem with my Complete WiFi setup.

Firstly, because I have a number of devices which will not connect reliably to the Complete network (Sky Q box, Sky mini boxes, some TVs) I have WiFi adapters so that I can connect those by ethernet. I have the Sky Q box and an LG TV connected to the Complete WiFi disc via a switch. I have made sure that any device that creates its own WiFi has channel separation from the Complete WiFi channel. Because of the problem outlined below, I have moved the Disc to a direct line of sight to the Hub.  This means that I actually have only very limited benefit from the one disc I have due to the proximity the system needs to have. This works very well, but:

Every few weeks, late at night or in the early morning, the Disc light turns solid red and it cannot be found by the MyBT WiFi app. This happened far more often when the hub and disc were further apart (possible DECT phone interference).

Sometimes this can be recovered by power cycling the Disc. Sometimes I have to restart the Hub and the Disc. Sometimes I have to disconnect the ethernet cable before it will work again. Sometimes the hub has to be restarted multiple times, and once it needed a factory reset.

As this only happens at night, is it BT doing something that changes the Hub/Disc configuration that causes this?

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Re: Introducing Complete Wi-Fi from BT


 .. I had EXACTLY the same problem  HOW DID I FIX IT ???  I got hold of each & every Disc & Used them as Frisbee's for my Dog. 

Then went out & bought  A TP-Link Archer C7 Router + 3 Giga-Bit Ethernet switches & "HARD WIRED"  my house ..

I have FTTP (Fibre 900)  I have a TP-Link Archer C7 router plugged into my ONT Cat 7 Cable to my "FIRST" Giga Switch then  Ethernet Cat 7 cable to "Next" Giga-bit switch / TV / Sky / CCTV & Main PC into that switch (8 Ports in total) ...."SECOND" Giga-bit switch Bedroom TV / Firestick (1) & (2) / Back Lounge TV / Hive Hub / PS 4 + Random "Patch Leads" fer visitors to connect to (Trunked down the walls to Termination Sockets)   Second Switch is 24 Port so I have Tons of "Spare Capacity" on that ..  The Only thing I "use" via Wifi is my two Alexa's 1x "Echo Dot" & 1 x  "Echo Show"  & with the Archer C7 they work "effortlessly" 

I do not "rate" this "Complete Wifi" I've tried it & found it "lacking" in so so many respects  (I ended up with 5 Discs & the download / Connection speeds in my wife's office (at the rear of our house) was ABISMAL  ...)

If you can & you can "afford" to Wire the house DO IT !! .. I can download ANY MOVIE on ANY TV / Laptop / PC in  ANY room of my house in UNDER 10 Seconds .....

Hard Wiring your house makes "Complete Wifi" look like yer living in the Dark Ages

Good Luck & All the best 

Keith J .