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Intrusive pop-up on BT Cloud

On my Android phones, when I open BT Cloud (to transfer specific files to the phone) a pop-up box appears saying "Thank you for your support" and inviting me to rate BT Cloud with 5 stars. There are also options for Feedback and No Thanks.  Problem is, there is no way of getting rid of this intrusion, so I can't get at the underlying app. You can't close it by pressing the buttons, even the highlighted Rate 5 stars button which (if it worked) would give a false 5 stars (based on this experience) rather than the deserved 0 stars as this stupid pop-up prevents you using the app!!!!! PLEASE - get this sorted! KILL the pop-up.  How patronising - not "please rate the product" but "Give us 5 stars". Unacceptable arrogance!

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Re: Intrusive pop-up on BT Cloud

Hi @henryfm, thanks for posting, I'm really sorry none of the options on the pop up are working. Can you try deleting the BT Cloud app on your phone and then download it again from the play store to see if that helps?


If deleting and reinstalling the app doesn't work you can report the fault to our Cloud Helpdesk on 0800 500 3114, 9am to 9pm Mon - Fri 9am to 6.30pm Sat and Sun

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