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Re: Ios11 mail

Mine hasn't been working for several days but they all just came through now so I will keep my fingers crossed.

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Here we go again !!


My wife's access to her email on her IOS devices has failed for all of today again. It keeps on saying "Incorrect username or password". Webmail ok so username and password is correct. Tried BT tech support. A very nice lady tried to sort it but with no joy. Eventually suggested changing password which i did - still no joy. She has raised it to a higher level and i have been told i will get a call back within 24 hours. Without actually saying it, she implied there has been a problem with IOS devices accessing email for a while. When I mentioned these forums with their complaints from other people and the lack of response from BT, she assured me that the forums are monitored but didnt have an answer for why there was no reponse from BT on the community forums. I asked her to raise that as a complaint as well.

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Re: Here we go again !!

I would be hoping that someone from BT support (one of the moderators?) has an iOS device and can either replicate or otherwise with their own account(s) - or indeed a family member/colleague with the same problem.

That would be very handy to get this sort of thing escalated.

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Re: Ios11 mail

I believe it is an ios11 bug. Same problem. Initially couldn't send Mail but could receive it. Could receive using btopenworld rather than btinternet.  Deleted account and now can't recreate it.wont recognise password even though I know it is correct an works on webMail - and a very elderly iPad.

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