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I am having trouble unlocking my BT Home Hub-D350 on the Ipad.   It shows that I have a wi fi connection but when i click on it in settings to choose a network it is locked.   Clicking on it further shows that the IP address is filled in, the subnet mask is filled in but router, DNS search domains and Client ID are empty.   Should I be manually filling these in or has something been set up wrong?



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Re: Ipad

Is it possible that the IP address might be a 169.x.y.z address, in which case the iPad isn't seeing the wireless network at all.


Please could you tell us what IP address it has claimed? This will help in diagnosing the problem. Have you followed the instructions in the iPad Wireless setup guide?


See Page 118 of the first link below (PDF manual):


Hope this helps

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Re: Ipad

Please could you also tell me what a HomeHub D350 is?


I can't find any reference to it on Google (other than this link). Are you sure that model number is right?

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Re: Ipad

My IP address is

Subnet Mask is


The Model is a BT HomeHub-D350


Hope this helps



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Re: Ipad

Hello -


Ok. Thanks for that -  the IP address means that you have not correctly authenticated with any Wireless connection. Have you managed to connect your PC/Mac to the HomeHub D350?


I'm still struggling to find any documentation for a D350, so I can't really tell what it is that you have or how the wireless works on it. Are you sure it is a badged BT HomeHub? I can't find any sensible references on Google to BT + D350 or ADSL and D350.  Can anyone else tell me what a D350 is and point me in the direction of some documentation?


If you want it to work, is it worth ringing BT and asking them for a HomeHub upgrade? - it might be free if you are willing to renew your contract with them. I know that my wife's iPad plays very nicely with our HomeHub 2.0(apart from UPnP oddities) - never had any bother with it.



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Re: Ipad


@mandyharris wrote:


The Model is a BT HomeHub-D350



I may be wrong, but that looks very much like the SSID  for the wi-fi. It is used to identify the wireless channel of the hub, and should be unique. This is not the same thing as the Hub model number.


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Re: Ipad

Could the fact that we have two filters on our phone line have anything to do with it?   My other half put two filters in and somebody at work said this could be stopping the signal getting through?

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Re: Ipad

Having incorrectly placed filters won't stop the Wifi signal, although it might intefere with your broadband depending on how and where your other half has put the filters.


We aren't at that stage yet - first things first is that you need to setup a valid Wifi connection. Now we know you are using a HomeHub, you should be able to follow the standard Apple Wifi instructions that I provided in my first link to you:


You will need to write all the details down on the back of your HomeHub:

The Network name/SSID: Will be something like BTHomeHub2-D350

Wireless Key (WPA): will be something like 79x5b5af56

Security Type: WPA


Enter the details using the instructions below. From Page 117 of the above manual:


========================QUOTING USER MANUAL=========================================

Wi-Fi settings determine whether iPad uses local Wi-Fi networks to connect to the
Internet. If no Wi-Fi networks are available, or you turn Wi-Fi off, then iPad connects to
the Internet over your cellular data network (on iPad Wi-Fi + 3G only), if available. You
can use Mail, Safari, YouTube, the iTunes Store, and the App Store over a cellular data
network connection.
Turn Wi-Fi on or off:  Choose Wi-Fi, then turn Wi-Fi on or off.
Chapter 17    Settings

Join a Wi-Fi network:  Choose Wi-Fi, wait a moment as iPad detects networks in range,
then select a network. If necessary, enter a password and tap Join. (Networks that
require a password appear with a lock icon.)
Once you join a Wi-Fi network, iPad automatically joins it whenever the network is in
range. If more than one previous network is in range, iPad joins the one most recently


Join a closed Wi-Fi network:  To join a Wi-Fi network that isn’t shown in the list of
networks, choose Wi-Fi > Other, then enter the network name. If the network requires
a password, tap Security, tap the type of security the network uses, and enter the
To connect to a closed network, you must know the network name, password, and
security type.
=================================END OF QUOTED MANUAL===================================

Hope this helps,


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Re: Ipad

hi i have exactly the same problem with the IP address 169 ......, did you get this resolved as i am still having problems.


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Re: Ipad

I'm having a similar problem.  Just bought an ipad2 wifi signal is strong but won't make an internet connection. I have a BT Homehub 973E and the IP address begins with 169.  Can anyone help please?  I'm despearte to start using my ipad!

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