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Ipc6023 issue

Hi all, I'm new to this so forgive me before I start. We recently switched from Sky to bt for our phone, tv and fibre broadband, we have had various issues with broadband, but have in the last couple of days encountered problems with our you view, we keep getting a very laggy reception with screen pixelating, dropping out or ipc6023 error code.
We can watch norm channels it is only the extra channels that have this issue.
Any advice?
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Re: Ipc6023 issue



pc6023 usually means that there is a problem with the Internet connection; and this fits with your comment that all other channels are fine as these come via your aerial.  If you are still having issues with internet connecivity with the PCs in the house in my experience the box can be more sensitive so you need to fix that first.


If the channels have worked well previously and the hub issues are resolved it may just be that the box is having a hissy fit as a result. If that is the case try turning it off at the wall, waiting for 20 seconds then turning it on again. Then switch on the box with the remote and after it has restarted leave it alone for another 30 seconds to give it a chance to finish booting up; this clears the majority of issues.


If that doesnt help then please come back and one of the gurus will step in!


Good luck



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