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Iplayer Crashing Mobile Broadband

I have a strange problem with running BBC Iplayer over mobile broadband. When I try to run to it either on a fire stick or ipad, it starts ok but after a short period (few seconds up to a  few minutes) the 4G hub is disconnected from the LTE network (as far as I can tell the  BT/EE network drops the connection). 

Other streaming services, Netflix, Prime etc, work fine, and iplayer works if I switch to my (slow) adsl line. Wi-Fi connection is good and the mobile broadband is averaging over 50Mbps so it isn’t a bandwidth issue.  I have tried two different 4G routers from different manufacturers (tplink and huawei), and have seen others on Twitter reporting this fault with the BT mini-hub.

Any suggestions on what the issue might be, it seems like BT /EE network has an issue with the Iplayer protocol?

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